AP YSR Matsyakara Bharosa 2020|YSR Matsyakara Bharosa

Ap govt schemes 2020

YSR Matsyakara Bharosa|ap ysr Matsyakara Bharosa|YSR Matsyakara Bharosa 2020

Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy on launched YSR Matsyakara Bharosa, a welfare scheme for fishermen, on the occasion of World Fisheries Day Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy on  launched YSR Matsyakara Bharosa, a welfare scheme for fishermen, on the occasion of World Fisheries Day,Under this, 1,32,332 fishermen in the 21-60 age group will get an enhanced monetary relief of Rs 10,000 each during the marine ban and lean period every year between April and June.

Jagan Mohan Reddy will launch the scheme at Komanapalli in Mummidivaram of East Godavari district, on the occasion of the World Fisheries Day.Apart from the enhanced financial assistance for the  fishing ban period, the beneficiaries will also get an increased diesel subsidy of Rs 9 per litre. Earlier, the subsidy was Rs 6.03 per litre. The government has identified 81 filling stations for the purpose.

YSR Matsyakara Bharosa

Also, subsidy on diesel has been enhanced under the new scheme from Rs 6.03 to Rs 9 per litre, applicable to the mechanised (3000 Ltrs) and motorized boats (300 Ltrs) for 10 months every year.the current dispensation will extend the benefits to the fishermen who use hunting rafts. A total of 1,32,332 families would benefit from this scheme.Similarly, the ex gratia given to families of fishermen who died while hunting has also been enhanced from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. This is applicable to the fishermen in the 18 to 60 age group.

AP YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme 2020

The important features and highlights of this AP govt. scheme for fishermen are as follows:-

  • Increased assistance of Rs. 10,000 (previously Rs. 4,000) for fishing ban period b/w 15 April & 14 June.
  • AP YSR Matsyakara Scheme beneficiaries to get increased diesel subsidy of Rs. 9 per litre which was Rs. 6.03 earlier. AP govt. has identified 81 filing stations for this purpose.
  • Earlier, financial assistance was only given to those fishermen who uses mechanised and motorized boats. But the current dispensation would extend benefits to even those fishermen who uses hunting rafts.
  • A total number of 1,32,332 families of fishermen would be benefited from AP YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme.
  • Furthermore, ex-gratia provided to fishermen families which died while hunting has been raised from Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh. All the fishermen in 18 to 60 years of age group can avail this benefit.

AP YSR Matsyakara Bharosa 2020 Other benefits

  • Integrated aqua labs to come up in 46 locations at Rs 56.53 crore. They will test the quality of water, sand, feed and seeds for the benefit of aquaculturists 
  • Aqua farmers will be provided power at a cost of Rs 1.50 per unit for which the government would allocate Rs 720 crore.This will benefit 53,550 farmersRights to fishermen on canals on lease at a nominal cost, provision of input subsidy

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