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young royals release date season 2|young royals season 2 confirmed|young royals season 2 trailer|young royals season 2 theories:Ever imagined what would happen if you mixed Élite and The Crown together with a generous helping of Skam, the Nordic equivalent to Skins? Us neither, but that didn’t stop Lisa Ambjörn, Lars Beckung and Camilla Holter from doing exactly that with Young Royals, Netflix’s latest teen obsession.

Prince Wilhelm started Hillerska Boarding School in season one, with the end of the episodes seeing him having to decide between the crown and his love for Simon, a fellow student whose background is not exactly of the royal variety.With a cliffhanger like that, Netflix just had to renew the show, and thankfully, they have now confirmed Young Royals will indeed return for a second season.So now that we know about that official renewal, here’s everything you need to know about Young Royals season two.

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Unfortunately, as of April 2022, there is currently no confirmation on season two’s release date.However, hopefully it won’t be too long until we hear some news, considering filming commenced in February 2022. Netflix teased fans with the announcement thanks to this adorable video.

If it’s anything like the first season, they’re only filming a further six episodes, with no major effects to be added in post-production (they’re schoolkids after all, not superheroes).We would definitely expect the show by the end of the year, with a rough guess being around September/October. Though we’re going on educated guesses, so don’t hold us to it!

Young Royals season 2 cast

 Omar Rudberg as Simon
• Malte Gårdinger as August
• Frida Argento as Sara
• Nikita Uggla as Felice
• Pernilla August as Queen Kristina of Sweden
• Nathalie Varli as Madison
• Carmen Gloria Pérez as Linda

Will there be a Young Royals season 2?

Yes. On September 22, Netflix’s LGBTQ+ account @Most tweeted: “YOUNG ROYALS SEASON 2 LETS GOOOOO” alongside a video of the cast confirming that Young Royals is coming back for a second season.

They say: “Thank you for watching Young Royals. Thank you for enjoying our story. Thank you for all your great messages. We love you. We have some exciting news for you. There will be a second season of Young Royals”.

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When is the Young Royals season 2 release date?

There’s no official Young Royals season 2 release date just yet. However, Netflix tend to release new seasons of their hit TV shows annually, so it’s probable that Young Royals season 2 will debut around July 2022. Just like Young Royals season 1, we imagine that season 2 will also have six 45 minute episodes.

On February 25, 2022, Netflix revealed that filming for Young Royals season 2 had started with a video with the cast.

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Young Royals is a Swedish teen drama streaming television series set in Hillerska, a fictional exclusive boarding school. The narrative centers around Prince Wilhelm of Sweden, his burgeoning gay romance with a fellow student, and the ensuing turmoil. Lisa Ambjörn, Lars Beckung, and Camilla Holter conceived the six-episode series, which will air on Netflix on July 1, 2021.

On September 22, 2021, it was reported that a second season was in the works. On the same day, it was revealed that the second season will premiere in 2022.

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Season 2 premiere date for Young Royals

Given that the first season of this series was launched in July of 2021, we anticipate that the second season will arrive in 2022, at the earliest.

July 2022 isn’t a terrible guess for Young Royals season 2 because it takes into consideration how long production may take for the second season if everything goes as planned. However, because production for season 2 has yet to begin, we may have to wait a little longer for Young Royals season 2.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to watch the next season before the fall of 2022.

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