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why did sully kill jamie in top boy|why did sully kill jamie reddit|why did sully kill dris|top boy jamie death|who killed ats top boy|top boy jamie death:The explosive finale saw Sully kill Jamie after a heated discussion with Dushane – and we find out why. Warning contains major spoilers.After Dushane Hill (Ashley Walters) and Sully (Kano) discuss and settle their differences, Sully decides to go to Jamie’s (Micheal Ward) house to deal with the issue once and for all.Upon arriving he shoots Jamie twice in the chest and once in the head.

He then leaves the apartment while Aaron (Hope Ikpoku Jr) and Stefan Tovell (Araloyin Oshunremi) cradle their dead brother.Sully killed Jamie because he has never been able to trust him.Jamie tried to kill Sully multiple times while their rival gangs were at war over Summerhouse during season three.Jamie also had a difficult relationship with Dushane, who framed him for weapons possession.Dushane then helped Jamie get out of jail in return for his loyalty towards the gang.Jamie proved his loyalty by killing his best friend Kit who was responsible for the death of Ats.

Who else has Sully killed in Top Boy?


Sully has killed four characters in the last four seasons of Top Boy.

The first one being Shaun Campbell who he accidently killed with a hammer in episode two season one.

He then shot Lee Greene to death along with Dushane in episode three of season one.

In the next episode, he shoots Leon to death after he was defending Ra’Nell.

In season three, episode ten, Sully then took the life of Dris Wright, shooting him after he sold him out to his cousin Jermaine

And finally in season four he murders was Jamie Tovell. 

What happened in Top Boy season four opener?

The season four opener sees Jamie released from prison after Dushane shares evidence that proved the planted bag of drugs and weapons were not associated with him.Upon his release, Jamie starts to work for Dushane to prove his loyalty.

When he wasn’t organising drug deals, he was looking out for his younger brothers Aaron and Stefan Tovell.Their parents died a few years prior, which left Jamie to act as their guardian, in hopes that neither of them would join the violent gang life.However, by the end of episode two, their lives were once again changed forever due to the streets.

Top Boy Why Did Sully Kill Jamie

Exactly why Sully decided to kill Jamie with two gunshots to the chest and one to the head was never explicitly stated in Top Boy. In fact, there was no dialogue spoken between the pair before Sully pulled the trigger, but there were a few factors at play leading to Sully’s decision.

For starters, Sully had been suffering from PTSD, following the death of Jason (Ricky Smarts) in Season 1 in a house fire he was unable to save him from. The guilt of killing his former close friend, Dris (Shane Romulus), also seemed to have taken a toll.

It looked as if Sully was stepping back from the world that had caused him so much pain, but instead, he was thrust back into it after being kidnapped and beaten by Peckham gang members Khadeem (Khali Best) and Cyprus (Michael Balogun).

Sully had been rescued by Dushane and the Summerhouse gang and perhaps out of loyalty to his “brudda,” he was back on top, with Dushane, just like how things used to be. However, since his return to Summerhouse, Sully had been more violent than ever, unafraid to pull the trigger at any given moment.

So, when Dushane told Sully he had plans to keep Jamie in his drug operation after he proved his loyalty by killing his best friend Kit (Kadeem Ramsey) for being responsible for Ats’s (Keiyon Cook) death, out of anger and not in the right state of mind, Sully may have pulled the trigger on a whim.

On the other hand, Sully may have calculatedly pulled the trigger on Jamie to get rid of him. Before the killing, Dushane told Sully he intended to continue working with Jamie to secure his and Sully’s “retirement plan.” Sully did not like that idea, stating his and Dushane’s plans “ain’t aligning.”

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Sully had also been suspicious of Jamie after meeting him in Morocco, where drug lord Juan revealed to Sully that Jamie had previously spoken to him about having his “own big plans.”

Sully had other reasons not to trust Jamie, especially after he tried to have Sully killed in Season 1. Despite Jamie proving his loyalty to Dushane by killing Kit, Sully may have suspected he was playing the long game and would one day turn against Dushane and Sully to become the Top Boy. Who knows, maybe Sully thought he was doing Dushane a favor by eliminating Jamie once and for all.

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why did sully kill jamie in top boy

In hindsight, there was also some small foreshadowing that Sully was on track to take out Jamie. In Morocco, he threatened Jamie he would “bury” him if he looked at him wrong, adding: “You think I’ve forgotten?” referring to the prior attempts on his life at the hands of Jamie.

Dushane told me everything that happened in the past is done,” replied Jamie, to which Sully asserted: “Dushane don’t speak for me.” With Jamie now set in Dushane’s eyes to become the next Top Boy, Sully, who was now becoming even more and more comfortable in this life, wiped out his competition.

The saddest part of it all is the fact Jamie killed his best friend to ensure a better life for his brothers, but in the end, he was killed by the company he was trying to keep and his brother’s lives are set to change for the worst. After all, the shooting happened in front of Jamie’s younger brothers Aaron (Hope Ikpoku Jnr.) and Stef (Araloylin Oshunremi), and they both knew it was Sully who delivered the fatal shots.

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