West Bengal Municipal Election 2022 Result|West Bengal civic poll results 2022

municipal election results in west bengal 2022|west bengal municipal election result|West Bengal Municipal Election Results 2022 Live Updates:A total of 44,000 police personnel, 135 observers, including 10 special senior observers and 108 general observers were deployed to ensure free and fair polls.The counting of votes for the elections to 108 civic bodies, which went to polls on  February 27, will be held today. Over 95 lakh voters participated in what is considered as West Bengal’s ‘mini-assembly polls’ to elect 2,171 councillors. The polling recorded over 78 per cent turnout even as several incidents of violence were reported from different parts of the state. 

west bengal municipal election 2022 Result date


West Bengal Municipal Election 2022: Voting is underway in West Bengal for 108 municipalities/civic bodies amid tight security. The voting commenced at 7 am and will conclude at 5 pm. Early visuals from the polling booths showed long queues as people turned up to exercise their franchise. The voting is being held for 2,171 wards of the 108 municipalities and the counting of votes will take place on March 2. Over 95.6 lakh voters will be deciding the fate of 8,160 candidates.

The State Election Commission has deployed a total of 44,000 police personnel for the polls, with at least one armed police in every booth. As many as 135 observers, including 10 special senior observers and 108 general observers are keeping a close watch on the polling.

West Bengal Municipal Poll Result 2022 Live

The BJP has already approached the state election commission demanding cancellation of polls and repolling in all 108 municipalities including Dinhata where the TMC won all wards unopposed

A total of 8,160 candidates are in the fray from the 2276 wards that went to the polls. Voting was not held in 103 wards as TMC won most of these seats uncontested. Of the total candidates, 2,258 are from the TMC, 2,021 of the BJP, 1,588 of the CPI(M), 965 of the Congress, 843 independents, 117 of Forward Block, 76 of RSP, 30 of BSP, 99 of CPI, two of NCP and 158 other candidates.

Contai civic poll results: Results of the Contai Municipal Corporation elections in West Bengal are slated to be declared today. The Calcutta High Court had earlier rejected the Bharatiya Janata Party’s petition for a stay on the counting of votes polled. The BJP had sought the stay, alleging large-scale rigging.

Results of the Contai Municipal Corporation elections in West Bengal are slated to be declared today. The Calcutta High Court had earlier rejected the Bharatiya Janata Party’s petition for a stay on the counting of votes polled. The elections took place on February 27.

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WB Muicipal Election Result 2022 Counting live

The BJP had sought the stay, alleging that the police and the State Election Commission had failed to perform their role to contain rigging and attacks, and called for “re-polling” in the state under the supervision of central police forces.

Murshidabad Municipal Elections 2022 is a district in the Malda division of the Indian state of West Bengal. The river Bhagirathi flows through this district and divides the district into two parts. The western part of the river is known as Radha region and the eastern part as Bagri region. It is a densely populated district with an area of ​​5.314 sq km, area and population of 71.02 lakhs. Murshidabad is the ninth most populous district in India out of 641 districts. The district headquarters is located at Bahrampur town. Elections in seven municipalities in the district will be held on Sunday. Let’s take a look at the picture of the last election in these municipalities, what issues the ruling and opposition political parties have sided with in this pre-poll.

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Beldanga Municipality Election Result Live

Murshidabad district has a total of 6 municipalities and 26 aggregate development blocks. One of which is the Beldanga municipality. The town of Beldanga has a population of 30,371. In particular, the issue of health infrastructure and urban development is the issue of this election.

Domkol Municipality Election Result Live

consists of Domkol subdivision Raninagar-1, Raninagar-2 and Jalangi block four. These four blocks have 36 gram panchayats and two census towns. Sub-division Sadar Domkal. Although there is a hospital there is not enough infrastructure, the problem of drinking water is the issue here will be this year’s election.

Kandi Municipality Election Result Live

The total number of voters in Kandi Municipality is 45,529. At one time the Congress average was Murshidabad district. Opposition councilors later changed parties and joined the ruling party. As a result, one municipality after another was lost to the opposition. Trinamool formed one municipal board after another. This year, 18 grassroots candidates of Kandi municipality. BJP 18 people. CPI 5 people. CPI (M) 5 people. National Congress 18 members. 16 independent candidates. A total of 69 candidates have contested in Kandi municipality.

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Jangipur Municipality (Jangipur Municipality Election Result Live)

This municipality was known as Bamdurg. This municipality consists of 21 wards. The total number of voters in Jangipur municipality is 61,431. Although Jangipur municipality is under the control of the Left Front, in 2016, eight members of the Left Front, including the chairman, six members of the Congress and one councilor of the BJP also joined the grassroots. As a result, Trinamool occupied Jangipur municipality. The issue of civic development was one of the most talked about issues in the elections here. 

Jiaganj-Azimganj Municipality Election Result Live

The total number of voters in this municipality is 43,096. The total number of candidates is 72. In 2016, most of the winning councilors joined the ruling Trinamool Congress. As a result, the ruling party lost to the grassroots in Ziaganj-Azimganj municipality.

Dhulian Municipality Election Result Live

The total number of voters in Dhulian Municipality is 63,090. Trinamool Congress has fielded candidates in 21 wards. BJP has fielded candidates in 8 wards. CPI is fighting for 1 seat. The main battle in this municipality is on urban development and rehabilitation issues.

Baharampur Municipality Election Result Live

The total electorate of Baharampur Municipality is 1 lakh 30 thousand 215 people. During the 2013 elections, the Congress won 26 seats and the Trinamool won 2 seats. This year, Trinamool has fielded candidates in 26 wards of Bahrampur municipality. Elections will be held in this municipality this year focusing on the issues of health infrastructure and urban development.

Nadia Municipal Elections 2022. Nadia is a historical example of education and culture. From drinking water to roads, full service, how satisfied are the common people? People’s expectations have been successful at all? Or ordinary people looking at this year’s election. Just a year ago, before the assembly elections, a river of promises flowed in front of the locals. The Mamata government returned to power by a huge margin in the Assembly polls. Exactly one year after the turnout in the state again. Almost everyone knows about the pottery of Krishnanagar which is missing in Nadia district. However, the state government has not paid any attention to this industry at present. Here a museum called the Mrittika Bhavan was built which is now a wedding house, With this, the opposition has tied the ruling party. Some people say that what the state government has done with pottery is not to show the whole thing. It is also an important issue for the residents whether it is a road problem or not.  

Nawadip Municipality Election Result Live

The total population of Nawadip area of ​​Nadia district is about 125,543. This place is known to almost everyone as the birthplace of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Voting is going to be held in this municipality consisting of 24 wards on Sunday 26 February. Vaccination initiatives in this municipality during the Corona Atimeri are believed to have had a great impact on this pre-poll. 

Krishnanagar Municipality Election Result Live

Krishnanagar Municipality is another municipality of Nadia district. The main star of that region is pottery. On the one hand, the ruling party claims that during their tenure there has been a great improvement in the pottery industry in Bengal. Opponents, on the other hand, claim that the ruling party aims to destroy Krishnanagar’s pottery. Besides, Krishnanagar is an important municipal center in this year’s polls. If the Trinamool won the Ekushey assembly election by a huge margin of one sided, and the ruling party i.e. the Trinamool had to lose in this Krishnanagat assembly. Mukul Roy won the BJP symbol there. Later he went and joined the grassroots. However, Mukul Roy is currently a member of a political party.  

Ranaghat Municipality (Ranaghat Municipality Election Result Live)

The population of Ranaghat Municipality consisting of 20 wards is 235,563. This Ranaghat municipality was formed in 184. Recently, in January, three new projects were inaugurated in the Ranaghat area by Urban Development Minister Chandrima Bhattacharya and Prisons Minister Ujjwal Biswas, which the BJP did not stop mocking. 

Taherpur Municipality Election Result Live

Taherpur Municipality has a population of 20,060. There are total 13 wards in this municipality. The road situation in the region before the vote is an important issue which is believed to have had an impact on the pre-poll. 

Shantipur Municipality Election Result Live Shantipur Municipality
consists of 24 wards and has a population of 2,8,617. The BJP won the Shantipur assembly polls in the Ekushey assembly polls. It remains to be seen whether the BJP or the Trinamool-CPM or the Congress will be able to hold on to this seat in this year’s polls. 

Birnagar Municipality Election Result Live

Birnagar has a population of 26,596. The area of ​​this municipality consisting of 14 wards is 6 sq km. Rainwater drainage system and full service in case of any problem is one of the main tools of the voters in this region. 
According to the 2011 report of Kalyani Municipality Election Result Live , Kalyani has a population of 100,620. Of which male voters are 50.99% and female voters are 49%. So female vote is an important issue in this region. Meanwhile, the state government has announced the construction of a water project at a cost of around Tk 313 crore to alleviate the drinking water problem of the residents of Kalyani municipality area, which is an important issue in this pre-poll. 

Haringhata Municipality Election Result Live

has 16 wards in this municipality. Haringhata is a significant center in this year’s by-elections. Do you know why? The Trinamool was able to occupy Haringhata municipality with just one vote in the 2019 by-elections. The Haringhata dairy project is of course an important issue in this election. 

According to the 2011 Chakdah Municipality Election Result Live
, Chakdah has a population of 8,985. There are a total of 21 wards in this municipality center. The Trinamool candidate from Ward No. 16 of Chakdaha Municipality said that the Trinamool will do well this year as well. This candidate has conducted public relations by visiting every house in the ward. Proof of how satisfied the common man is will be found in the results of the elections. 
Gayeshpur Municipality Election Result Live

There are a total of 18 wards in this municipality center. When the third wave of Corona hit earlier this year, the decision of the Gayeshpur city authorities caused some residents to be upset. According to the municipality, 8 markets in the city will be open from 8 am to 12 noon on the eve of the transition, which was not supported by many. Some say ‘this rule will spread more disease, I don’t understand why this is done.’ According to informed sources, the whole incident could have a profound effect on the referendum. 

Want to know which candidate is winning in your ward? Here is how to access the 2022 municipal election result.

West Bengal civic poll results 2022 Live

Step 1: Access the West Bengal State Election Commission website (http://wbsec.gov.in/)

TMC wins 102 of 108 municipalities

TMC wins 102 of 108 municipalities in West Bengal civic body polls, PTI reports quoting the state election commission official.

PartySymbolLeading / WonWinner
All India Forward BlocAIFB04
All India Trinamool CongressAITC01870
Bahujan Samaj PartyBSP00
Bharatiya Janata PartyBJP063
Communist Party of IndiaCPI03
Communist Party of India (Marxist)CPI(M)147
Indian National CongressINC059
Nationalist Congress PartyNCP00
National People’s PartyNPP00
Revolutionary Socialist PartyRSP01
Yet to declaredUndeclared1
Total :12170

Step 2: Move the cursor to the left-hand side of the page where there will be a list of categories named ‘Contesting Candidates’, ‘Results’ and ‘Orders & Notification’.

Step 3: Under the ‘Results’ category, click on the first link named ‘Municipal General Elections’. The link can directly be accessed as well (http://portal.wbme.org/)

Step 4: Clicking on that link open up a new page. Right next to West Bengal State Election Commission logoi, there is another category list that offers you multiple options

Step 5: For the party-wise result, click on the same in the top category. The leads and results will show up as the counting progresses. The page will also show the share of wards each party has won out of a total of 2171.

Step 6: Clicking on the ‘District-wise’ result option from the top category list will get you the result as it unfolds in your district. Select the district from the dropdown to access the result in your desired municipality in the district.

Step 7: For ward-wise results, click on the ‘Detail Result’ option in the top category. First, select your district, then choose the municipality or corporation and finally navigate to the ward in which you reside or want to know the detail about.

Step 8: The State Election Commission portal also offers information on the vote share secured by each party in the municipal elections 2022. To access the vote share, click on the ‘Party-Wise Vote Secured’ option in the top navigation corner. Go ahead and select the district you want to see the data for.

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