WB Krishak Bandhu scheme

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West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjeeannounced sops to woo the farm sector.The chief minister said the ‘Krishak Bandhu’ schemes are expected to benefit over 72 lakh farmers in the state.West Bengal New schemes to provide Rs 2 lakh compensation for farmers’ deaths, says Mamata Banerjee said that the state government will pay the premium on crop insurance schemes and will give farmers Rs 5,000 per acre annually.

In case a farmer between the age of 18 to 60 dies, compensation of up to Rs 2 lakh will be provided to their family. “The money will be available through the agriculture department Krishak Bandhu” schemes would benefit over 72 lakh farmers of the state. Both the projects will be launched from January, and the farmers can apply for relief from February onward.

WB Krishak Bandhu scheme

We have 72 lakh farmers and farm labourers,” she said. “So we are introducing a new policy to grant Rs 2 lakh per farmer family in case of a death of a farmer The registration of farmers and share-croppers under this scheme will start February onwards. Benefits will accrue from January 1, 2019.We are devising a mechanism by which a farmer’s family will get the money 15 days after his death.

the average land holding per cultivator in Bengal is pegged at around 0.5 hectares (or 1.2 acres). Now the farmer gets an assistance of 5,000 per acre. So the payout is pegged at around 6,000. At this rate, a payout to even 50 lakh farmers means an annual burden of 3,000 crore on the exchequer

West Bengal Krishak Bandhu Yojana 

Ms Banerjee said a farmer will get Rs. 5,000 as financial assistance for each acre of his land in a year for growing a single crop. Under the scheme, farmers will get Rs. 2,500 twice a year for growing a single crop per acre e have already waived agricultural tax and abolished mutation system for farmers,” she said, adding these measures will lead to the state incurring cost of thousands of crores of rupees but “this is important as it concerns the well-being of our farmers, the backbone of our state

WB Krishak Bandhu scheme online apply

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WB Krishak Bandhu Scheme
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 Krishak Bandhu Scheme
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