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top boy season 5 cast|Top boy season 5 jamie|top boy season 5 release date netflix|top boy season 5 release date:If you’ve made it to the end of season four (or season two, as Netflix would have us think) then your heart’s probably racing, your head’s spinning and you definitely have some questions. Questions only a follow-up season can satisfy. Well come on then, let’s get to it.Here’s everything you need to know about what to expect from Top Boy season five.

There is no news just yet on whether or not Top Boy will be renewed for another season, but given its success and celebrity backing (ahem, Drake) we would definitely expect a return. Besides, that juicy cliffhanger (you know the one) deserves a follow up or fans won’t rest easy.Assuming a year-long production schedule, it’s not unreasonable to expect season five to arrive in March 2023, but then there were two and a half years between seasons three and four

Top Boy Season 5


We’ve spent the last week thinking *almost exclusively* about Top Boy and only Top Boy. Since the latest series dropped on Netflix (Netflix’s second but fourth overall) earlier this week, fans have had a lot of questions about the return of Dushane, Sully and everyone else. First up, we wanted to know where exactly Jamie, Stef and Aaron’s parents have got to. Then, we needed a little clarification on that ending, and finally – the biggest question of all – we need to know if there’s going to be another series of the Netflix show. Here’s everything we know about Top Boy season 5.

Okay, so Netflix hasn’t actually given any official confirmation of another series (Netflix’s third) of Top Boy. However, given the overwhelming success of the series and, you know, backing from actual Drake, it feels pretty likely that Top Boy will be back for another instalment. Which is good news for us because there’s a lot that needs wrapping up.

Top Boy Season 5 cast

Ashley Walter’s Dushane and Kane Robinson’s Sully made it through another season unscathed… or pretty much unscathed. Neither died, so we expect them to make a return.

It’s highly unlikely that Jamie (Micheal Ward) survived a shot to the head by Sully so it’s pretty safe to say we’ve seen the last of him.

Jamie’s best friend Kit (Kadeem Ramsay) will also not be joining the cast for another season after being shot by Jamie.

It seems a bad time for best friends as Ats (Keiyon Cook), Stef’s best friend, turned up dead midway through season four as well.

We do, however, expect to see a return of the following:

• Shelly (Little Simz)
• Jaqs (Jasmine Jobson)
• Aaron (Hope Ikpoku)
• Stef (Araloyin Oshunremi)
• Lauryn (Saffron Hocking)
• Becks (Adwoa Aboa)
• Lizze (Lis Dawson)
• Ruben (Theo Ogundipe)

Top Boy Season 5 Expected Release Date

There is currently no word on whether or not Top Boy will be renewed for a second season, but given the show’s popularity and celebrity endorsements (including Drake), we would expect it to return. Besides, that juicy cliffhanger (you know the one) deserves to be followed up on, or else fans will be unable to sleep at night.

top boy season 3 

Top Boy Season 5 Plot

One thing is for certain: someone is going to light up a cigarette at some point. In the last season, there was far too much betrayal to go around for there not to be some sort of repercussion.

A new chasm has most likely been opened between Sully and Dushane as a result of his actions. Dushane’s path to retirement was supposed to include handing over control of the drug distribution to Jamie. Now that Sully has scrapped that plan, we can expect Dushane to be adamant about not taking it lying down.

Aside from the rare occasion in which he is paralyzed by the anxiety that seems to have developed throughout season four. Dushane’s mental well-being may become a point of contention in the future, and this will be a different problem for him to deal with.

Speaking of vengeance, the exchange between Sully and Jamie’s youngest brother Stef was telling – a long stare in which Stef’s confusion and shock were exchanged for sorrow, a tinge of guilt, and perhaps a sense of resolution on Sully’s behalf. The possibility that schoolboy Stef and bookworm Aaron (Jamie’s other brother) might want to settle the score is not a far stretch.

After assuming the role of breadwinner and primary caregiver for Stef, it will be interesting to see how Aaron handles the situation. Are there any chances he’ll abandon his university studies and hit the streets like Jamie? Season five will be the deciding factor.

Jamie’s brothers aren’t the only ones who have been scorned by their sister, and it’s likely that Jaq’s sister Lauryn will have to keep an eye on her. Killing her controlling, abusive ex-boyfriend Curtis (Howard Charles) would seem to put her out of harm’s way in terms of danger, wouldn’t you?

Curtis doesn’t stand a chance against his sister Vee, who makes him look like a lapdog in comparison. Although she’s a deranged lapdog, she’s still cute. There isn’t a universe in which she wouldn’t seek retribution for the death of her brother, whom she adored. It appears that Lauryn’s new baby isn’t the only thing she’ll have to keep an eye out for.

Shelly, Dushane’s girlfriend, is known to have at least one skeleton in her closet, and it is possible that it will come to light at any time. Her ex-murderous boyfriend’s actions have been concealed for the time being by digging up the body and disposing of it in a manner appropriate for the circumstances. By revealing her secret in the following season, her blackmailer (who happens to be the victim’s ex-girlfriend) has the potential to derail her entire season.

How many seasons of top boy are there?

There are four seasons of Top Boy. Season 1 and 2 ran on Channel 4 from 2011 to 2013. However, Netflix revived seasons 3 and 4, so they rebranded the first two seasons from the Channel 4 days as Top Boy: Summerhouse.

Is Top Boy finished?

Is Top Boy ending after series 4? There’s no news on whether more seasons will follow after series 4, but given the response to the show being cancelled on Channel 4 and the positive response season 3 received on Netflix, we’d expect more to come.

Who plays Donovan in Top Boy?

Donovan Hill was a disabled man in Jamaica, he is Dushane Hill’s cousin, he is portrayed by Kimo Armstrong.

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