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cast of top boy season 2|cast of top boy season 2 cast|top boy season 2 cast 2022|top boy 2022 cast|top boy cast 2022|how many episodes are in top boy season 2:Top Boy returned to Netflix for season four in March after a long break.The new season didn’t disappoint fans, as plenty of bloody gang violence, cover ups, and some huge twists played out.Top Boy is venturing beyond Summerhouse. After last season’s side trips to Jamaica, the Netflix drama about a group of drug dealers in impoverished East London looks to Spain and Morocco as Dushane seeks to expand and solidify his empire when the show returns in March 2022. 

Top Boy premiered in 2011 on Channel 4 in the U.K., with a second season airing in 2013. But the British broadcaster decided not to move forward with additional episodes, and it seemed the critically acclaimed gritty crime drama had reached the end of its brief run. The Canadian rapper discovered the series and ended up working with Netflix to produce a third season, he explained in a 2019 interview with ET Canada. Netflix rechristened the original two seasons Top Boy: Summerhouse, with the rebooted show getting the Top Boy title. Ten all-new episodes dropped in September 2019. 

Top Boy Season 2


The previous season of Top Boy began with Dushane (Ashley Walters) returning to London after a multi-year exile in Jamaica. Once back in the U.K., he reconnected with his friend and former partner Sully (Kane Robinson), though it wasn’t exactly an easy reunion. As Dushane pushed to regain his position at the top of the competitive and violent London drug trade, he clashed with Jamie (Michael Ward) an ambitious young man who saw a chance to dethrone the city’s reigning kingpin. 


Season 2 of Top Boy (season 4 if you count the original Channel 4 series) exploded onto Netflix on Friday, March 18th, 2022.

Following the twists and turns of season 1, Dushane is on a roll as the new episodes begin and is raking in money after securing peace in Summerhouse and has big ambitions moving forward.

However, a peaceful life is something that is rarely found in Summerhouse and when a new problem arises from an unexpected quarter, it threatens to bring Dushane’s criminal empire crashing down around him.

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Season 2 of Top Boy consists of eight episodes in total.

Veteran fans will notice that this is actually two episodes fewer than we saw in season 1 which featured a total of 10 chapters.

The shorter season length comes as little surprise as countless shows have faced filming delays thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic that have resulted in shorter seasons for many series.

However, while there may be fewer episodes, the chapters in season 2 are slightly longer than in season 1 with an average runtime of 57 minutes compared with 53 minutes last time out.

The titles of each episode, which were all released in one go, are as follows:

  1. Good Morals
  2. How Do I Fix This?
  3. Likkle Favour
  4. Fully Loaded Headache
  5. 15 Points
  6. De Capa y Espada
  7. We Ride Out for Family
  8. Prove Yourself

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