Tarrant County Primary Election Result 2022|Tarrant County Judge Elections 2022

tarrant county election results|election results texas|texas primary election results|harris county election results|denton county election results|harris county election results|texas primary election results 2022:After heading into the overnight with votes still needing to be tallied, the Republican race for Tarrant County judge had an apparent winner early Wednesday.Tim O’Hare, an attorney from Southlake, had 56.95% of the vote (71,557) over former Fort Worth mayor Betsy Price’s 34.25% (43,028), according to the latest election results from the county.All 191 precincts in Tarrant County had reported full results by 5 a.m. Tuesday.Deborah Peoples, who has previously run for Fort Worth mayor, won the Democratic primary with 82.64% of the vote (58,596).

At a party for Price’s campaign Tuesday night, Whitley announced that there was a problem with the county’s voting machines and that results would be delayed. Whitley said the county expected to get the results final around 4 a.m. or 5 a.m. The county ultimately reported the final results around 4:30 a.m.Price called the delayed results an “unfortunate situation.”O’Hare, who touted endorsements from former President Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz and Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn, held a large lead, even before the final results were tallied.

Tarrant County Primary Election Result 2022


Tarrant County Republicans

Criminal District Attorney

  • Mollee Westfall: 33,885
  • Matt Krause: 36,711 (advances to May 24 runoff)
  • Phil Sorrells: 48,026 (advances to May 24 runoff)

County Judge

  • Robert Trevor Buker: 3,276
  • Byron Bradford: 4,280
  • Betsy Price: 43,028
  • Kristen Collins: 3,505
  • Tim O’Hare: 71,557 (winner)

Tarrant County Democrats

Criminal District Attorney

  • Albert John Roberts: 19,998
  • Lawrence “Larry” Meyers: 7,601
  • Tiffany D. Burks: 42,286 (winner)

County Judge

  • Marvin Sutton: 12,308
  • Deborah W. Peoples: 58,596 (winner)

County Commissioner Precinct 2

  • Ruby Faye Woolridge: 9,695
  • Alisa Simmons: 10,793 (winner)

texas primary election results 2022

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick easily won his primary on Tuesday against Republicans Daniel Miller, Zach Vance, Trayce Bradford, Aaron Sorrells and Todd M. Bullis. Patrick’s race was called early with only around 33% reporting.Patrick released the following statement after claiming victory Tuesday:

The people of Texas have spoken with one conservative voice, confirming what we already know. Texans are committed to keeping our state on its conservative path.Under my strong conservative leadership, the Texas Senate has made history during the past two legislative sessions, clearly the most conservative in Texas and perhaps American history.

Like Travis at the Alamo, I drew a line in the sand. I will not yield or waiver. I am resolved to continue the fight for the safety and liberty of Texas.There have been great victories across the state, and many great senators have been re-nominated for their seats, and we have many great new Republican candidates for Texas Senate who are well on their way to joining the Texas Senate for the 88th Legislative Session. I congratulate them all.

harris county election results

The Secretary of State said Harris County wouldn’t meet their deadline. But Harris County disputes what that deadline is.It was a busy Primary Election Night, with nominees moving on to the November general election.  

Harris County election administrator Isabel Longoria says because their machines print out two ballots, some were getting jammed up or stuck in the machines as people are trying to put them in at the same time. She said those have been flagged for separate review by both Republicans and Democrats and captured on a live video feed. She says everyone’s vote will be counted. 

But the night didn’t escape controversy in the state‘s largest county. The Texas Secretary of State is saying that Harris County’s votes could be delayed.  But Harris County’s election administrator says there’s no delay, and that it was a normal election night.The whole issue started after the polls closed and the Secretary of State said Harris County would not be able to count up all of the votes within 24 hours of the polls closing, which they say is required by state law and could be punishable as a Class B misdemeanor.

Denton County Republicans

County Commissioner, Precinct 2

  • Dan Stricklin: 3,827 (advances to May 24 runoff)
  • Rob Altman: 3,508
  • Kevin Falconer: 6,275 (advances to May 24 runoff)

County Commissioner, Precinct 4

  • Dianne Edmondson: 10,039 (winner)
  • Michael Armstrong: 7,276

Denton County Democrats

County Commissioner, Precinct 2

  • Trent Teague: 2,345
  • Diana Weitzel: 4,686 (winner)

Tarrant County Primary Election Result 2022

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