WB Paray Paray Samadhan Scheme 2022″পাড়ায় পাড়ায় সমাধান নতুন প্রকল্প,

Paray Paray Samadhan Scheme 2022″West Bengal Paray Paray Samadhan Scheme”WB Paray Paray Samadhan scheme”

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee on  announced a month-and-a-half-long community outreach, ‘Paray Paray Samadhan’, to resolve local issues such as constructing culverts, adding a schoolroom or even repairing water pipelines.A principal secretary-level officer would lead a dedicated task force to address these issues that would be resolved in a time-bound manner, and complainants informed about the work progress.Mamata Banerjee on announced a 45-day initiative called Paray Paray Samadhan (Solution at neighbourhood) to address problems in infrastructure and services at local levels.

The new initiative is a follow up to the Duare Sarkar programme, which was launched to reach out to people left out of government schemes. The problem resolution program will last for another half month and will help to solve the problems as much as possible. The main idea of ​​starting the scheme is to help the common residents of the state to get the solution easily. Some problems at the local level include a school room, construction of culvert, repair of pipelines and others. Read on to know more about other benefits related to the scheme.

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