SVKM’s NMIMS Introduced the Unique Programs

Introduction to NMIMS


SVKM’s NMIMS is a private University, located in Vile Parle, Mumbai. NMIMS means the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. It is a privet deemed university established in 1981. At present they have two institutions. Such as Shri Vile
Parle and Kelavani Mandal. Amrish Patel is the Chancellor of the University. And Rajan Saxena is the vice-chancellor of the university.

It has campuses in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Indore, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Shirpur. They have 12 constituent schools. They offer management, engineering, pharmacy, architecture, commerce, business, economics, hospitality, science, law, aviation, liberal arts, music, and design courses.

It has 513 academic staff and 15,000 students. Every student can apply for AACSB, AMBA, UGC, and AIU undergraduate and postgraduate courses.


Changing Technology and NMIMS University

Technology always changed with innovations. It affected for adapting renewed perspectives and pedagogy in engineering and technology education. There is a need for academic programs to keep up with these updates more than ever before. In a present-day most industries using technology to do their work efficiency and effectiveness. In education sector goes beyond classroom education with technology.

The technology effect the business and economy around the world. companies are now looking for individuals with more in-depth understanding, breakthrough ideas, and interdisciplinary skills. Therefore, NMIMS introduced additional courses for young students to face the competitive world. In the future, the world goes to digitalization. They will be using the more advanced adoption of technologies in internet-enabled smart devices, autonomous vehicles and etc..


NMIMS Development  Programs

The NMIMS University introduced some unique Programs combined with technology and management. Those programs listed below.

(a). Dual Degree program MBA Tech. (B. Tech. + MBA Tech.)

(b). B. Tech. in Data Science, AI or Cyber Security in academic collaboration with VT, USA

(c).1 Unique Global Initiative with Virginia Tech, USA where students can get:

(d). B. Tech. Computer Science with a specialization in Data Science – NMIMS, India

(e). BS. Cybersecurity Management and Analytics – Virginia Tech, USA

(f). MS. Business. Administration with Business Analytics Virginia Tech, USA

(g). B. Tech. (Hons.) in collaboration with industry leaders like TCS, IBM & Coursera.

B. Tech program

B. Tech program is a combination of the knowledge, skills, practical learning and hands-on experience of new technologies in the industry. It makes you a demanding  professional.

NMIMS University understands the market and its requirements way better than anyone else. They set to launch 3 unique global programs in association with Virginia Tech (VT), USA. These specialized programs will give the students a pure understanding of the evolving frontiers of technology.

The dual-degree program

The dual-degree program is the combination of engineering with management. This degree created to adopt the global marketplace. The B. Tech + MBA integrated program will train students in core Engineering with Business Management. This program is helpful in saving a whole academic year for students who want to pursue an MBA degree post their B. Tech.

These are 4-year programs. Students can meet the requirement of future professionals in their respective areas. Such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence or Cyber Security.

The unique programs of NMIMS satisfy the present expectation and the future demands of the market in India. The students also have an opportunity to give their careers a head start by filling the skill-gap between degrees and jobs.

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