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sharjah safari ticket booking|sharjah safari park booking|sharjah safari park tickets online|sharjah safari opening|sharjah safari park ticket:Sharjah is diversifying it tourism opportunities with the addition of a huge safari park, and has opened its doors today, Thursday February 17. Sharjah Safari, located within the Al Bridi Reserve in the city of Al Dhaid is 16 square kilometres, making it the largest safari project outside of Africa.

Around 50,000 animals (120 species) call the safari home, including gazelles, giraffes, African wild turtles, crocodiles, lions, rhinos, African rock python, elephants and flamingos. The park has a large natural lake and 100,000 African trees, as well as restaurants, cafes, conference hall, safari visitors camp and more.

Sharjah Safari Park Online Ticket


This Safari isn’t your traditional national park. Explore the place through 12 themed environments. Every aspect depicts an African location and the life and landscape of the animals and birds that reside there. The land has been planted with over 1,000 native and African trees. You can find umbrella-shaped Acacia tortilis there. Also, be ready to check out 1,000 animals and birds.

Observe various rare African animals, including the black rhinoceros. In August of last year, Wuhaida, the first female southern white rhino, was born at Sharjah Safari. Wuhaida was born as a result of the Safari’s African native species breeding programme. This program is a result of funding from the United Nations.


Established in 1995 in the Seih Al-Masmout Reserve, this desert park in Sharjah started as a conservation centre for the region’s endangered flora and fauna. Over time, it has developed into a vibrant edutainment centre perfect for weekend retreats with a gorgeous botanical garden, a petting farm and a breeding facility for rare desert animals rescued from their endangered habitats. The breeding centre, however, is not open to the general public.



The Sharjah Natural History Museum has different segments based on Sharjah’s history:

  • The first section is ‘Journey through Sharjah.’ It features various preserved habitats and graphic illustrations of different climates to show how the local flora and fauna have survived in the city.
  • The Desert Life section displays the desert environment and shows how living organisms adapt to survive in harsh desert conditions.
  • Another hall in the Sharjah Natural History Museum is themed ‘A Journey through Time.’ As the centre for geological exhibits, it maps the timeline of the earth and even includes the fossilised thigh bone of a dinosaur, a massive slab of petrified copper ore and the first real meteor from space. It also features fossils of raindrops and the world’s oldest rock.
  • ‘The Living World’ section exhibits visuals of living organisms. You can learn how these organisms impact humans, the environment and other natural habitats.
  • The fifth hall is ‘The Living Sea’ that displays replicas of marine creatures. It is a wonderful place to learn more about the underwater ecosystem.

The Sharjah Botanical Museum opened its doors on 6th March 2008 and today is one of the popular family-friendly attractions in the emirate. Interactive displays help visitors get familiar with different plant species including fungi, algae, grass, herbs and trees.

  • The Sharjah Botanical Museum serves as an exciting and colourful edutainment destination for people of all ages.
  • Those who love botany would also find this to be the perfect place to learn about plant life dating back millions of years.

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Sharjah Safari Bronze ticket (walking Tour-40 Dhs)-with guide – aged above 12 and Dh 15 for children in the 3-12 age group
Duration: Two to three hours but can see only limited animals and not wild ones. Recommending the Silver Ticket (Bus Tour) for full Watching.Sharjah Safari Silver ticket (Regular Bus Tour-Dh120 for those aged above 12 and Dh50 for children in 3-12 age group) Duration: five to six hours. -Can Visit Sharjah Safari environments except one place called SerengetiSharjah Safari Golden ticket (luxury vehicle+private guide) – Dh275 for those aged above 12 and Dh120 for children in the 3-12 age group -Duration: five to six hours. For 5 People- Dh1,500

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Entry time of Sharjah Safari

The safari park is open daily from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm. The last entry for gold and silver ticket holders is at 2 pm and for Bronze ticket holders at 4 pm.

Sunday: 6.30 am to 6.30 pm

Mon-Sat 8.30 am to 6.30 pm on all days of the week

Last Entry Time:
For Silver and Gold: 2 PM
For Bronze: 4 PM

How to book tickets to Sharjah Safari

To make a reservation to Sharjah Safari, call 068037666. For information, call 068037777. For Golden Service, call 068037770.

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