Safaricom Sim Registration Deadline 2022|Safaricom Selfcare Registration

deadline for sim registration|safaricom sim registration deadline|safaricom online portal|how to check sim card registration name safaricom:The government agency extended the deadline after hundreds of thousands of Kenyans failed to meet the April 15 deadline.The extension also followed extensive consultations between CA and the Mobile Network Operators.

CA has also warned that users who will not have registered their SIM cards by October 15 will be fined.This comes after CA Director General Ezra Chiloba said the Authority will consult mobile network operators on the possibility of extending the SIM card registration exercise to give customers an opportunity to validate respective details of registration.

Safaricom Sim Registration Deadline 2022


The extension also followed extensive consultations between CA and the Mobile Network Operators.Chiloba and the MNOs held a meeting on Thursday, April 14 to assess the success rate of the exercise.It is the responsibility of the operators who will advise on whether to switch off the unregistered lines or probably give an extension and allow as many Kenyans as possible to register,” Chiloba had said.

CA maintained that the registration exercise is anchored in the constitution mandating mobile Network Operators to carry out the exercise.Safaricom rolled out the online registration of SIM cards.Telco service provider, Safaricom has finally provided an online portal where its customers can update their sim card details, a relief for many who risked having their sim cards switched off

Safaricom Selfcare Registration

The Communication Authority of Kenya had set April 15 as the deadline for the ongoing exercise it says seeks to enforce the SIM card registration regulations of 2015 and subsequently combat cybercrime and fraud in the digital space.Long queues have been witnessed at Safaricom shops across the country as Kenyans rushed to beat the deadline.

CA Director General Ezra Chiloba said the Communication Authority will not extend the ongoing SIM card registration deadline and urged unregistered mobile subscribers to do so in the remaining days.He asked all mobile network operators to speed up the data cleanup exercise and said that no more time will be added upon the expiry of the grace period noting that unregistered sim cards have security implications

how to check sim card registration name safaricom

To submit your details online for your Safaricom SIM card, use this link.

To register your Safaricom SIM card online, follow this link –>>

Please visit the nearest shop or agent to resubmit your details,” said the service provider in text messages to its customers.

CA Director-General Ezra Chiloba on Sunday clarified that subscribers who had already registered their SIM cards didn’t need to register their lines afresh and could confirm their validation statuses by dialling *106#.

The USSD code allows Kenyans to confirm phone numbers registered under their national identity cards.

But Safaricom customers were surprised when the company insisted they had to resubmit their details afresh despite the telecommunications regulator’s clarification.The move to online registration will hasten the process, with the long queues at its outlets getting longer as only hours remain before the listing closes.

In the link provided by Safaricom, customers only need to input their mobile number, confirm the number(s) registered using their national ID number and upload photos of the front and back of their IDs before submitting for verification.This is happening as a source at CA told the Nation yesterday that the regulator could extend the deadline for registering.

Many people are yet to register, so we could see the deadline extended to allow them to register,” said the source.Mr Chiloba last week said the SIM card registration directive followed an inspection of the listing carried out by the agency in 22 counties last year.

They noted that some cards were registered using other people’s IDs or other documents such as student and National Social Security Fund cards, he said.In some instances, the cards were given out for free while others used fake ID numbers. Other cards were sold with no identification document presented and without verification.

How The Registration System Works

  • If a National ID number is used to register a new SIM card, you will receive an SMS notification from service number 707 asking for consent.
  • You will then be prompted to accept or cancel the registration.
  • In case you responds with ‘no’, the new line will not be registered and the matter will be escalated automatically to Safaricom fraud team for investigation.
  • Registration will only be completed if you approves the alert.
  • The new service applies to customers registering a second or more lines with Safaricom. If it is a first line the service will not launch.
  • Once a customer tries to register a new line, the system will check for the most active number on the network or M-PESA that is registered under the same ID number and send a notification to this number for consent.


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