Ran Bazar Web Series|Ran Bazar Web Series Cast

The most awaited Marathi web series ‘RaanBaazaar’s teaser recently launched featuring Prajakta Mali. The actress who played the bold role in the series shared the teaser on her social media handle and said that she accepted the role because she got inspired by the actresses like Smita Patil and Ranjana.
Prajakta shared the teaser and wrote, “I grew up watching Smita Patil and Ranjana from a young age (I am certainly not as big as them). But I got inspired by their work and trusted the audience and tried something new.

According to this teaser it is known as one of the Bold marathi web series ever in the Marathi cinema Industry. Ranbazar Planet Marathi Teaser made the audience super excited. And  waiting to get released. In the teaser Lead actress Tejaswini Pandit has given a hot scene. Marathi movie lovers are excited to watch the web series which will be released on OTT Platform. Release Date. And the trailer will be released on May 18, 2022. 

Ran Bazar Web Series

A new webseries planet of Marathi actress Tejaswini Pandit is coming to Marathi. A few moments ago, Tejaswini shared the first teaser of the series ‘RaanBaazaar’ and everyone was shocked. Tejaswini appears in a bold role. It shows her unique predictions. In the background of the teaser, the voice of a woman taking oath as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra can be heard and meanwhile Tejaswini enters.Actress Prajaktta Mali will also be seen in a bold look in this series. She also shared the second teaser of ‘Ranbazar.

Saree Ki Dukan Web Series

The boldest webseries in Marathi cinema to date will be released soon. This web series will definitely shake the Marathi cinema.The teaser of Panse’s web series ‘Ranbazar’ has been released recently. Watching this teaser, it is becoming clear that this is the boldest teaser ever in Marathi cinema.

Ran Bazar Web Series Cast

The web series ‘Ranbazar’ is very popular on social media. Two teasers of Ranbazar have been shared recently. This series is also known as ‘Ranbazar’ which shook the web world. Both the theme and the teaser of this series are very bold. It is claimed that this is the first time in the Marathi web world that such boldness has been shown. Actress Prajakta Mali and Tejaswini Pandit will play the lead roles in the series.

Gopi and Siya Web Series

Seeing the boldness of Prajakta and Tejaswini in ‘Ranbazar’, the audience said Ranbazar series has caught the attention of Marathi entertainment world. Fans are curious as to who the other actors are in the series. The names of other actors in this web series based on the theme of political-crime have also come to the fore. This web series has leading actors in Marathi.

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