Rajya Sabha Election Result 2022|राज्यसभा चुनाव परिणाम

Rajya Sabha Election Results 2022 LIVE Updates: As voting got underway for the four Rajya Sabha seats in Rajasthan, the ruling Congress on Friday exuded confidence that it has the numbers to win three seats while the opposition BJP said it expects a “miracle” when the results are announcedAs party leaders kept an anxious watch, legislators from four states queued up to vote in 16 MPs to the Rajya Sabha on Friday with some being ferried from resorts they had been sequestered in amid fears of poaching by rivals. The high-stakes race to the Upper House acquired urgency with the number of candidates exceeding the seats going to the polls in Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Polling started at 9 am and will continue till 4 pm. The votes will be counted at 5 pm. The Election Commission has appointed special observers and ordered videography of the entire exercise. The All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) has decided to vote in favour of the Congress candidate in the fray for the Rajya Sabha polls from Maharashtra being held today. The announcement was made by AIMIM Lok Sabha member from Aurangabad Imtiaz Jaleel hours before the polling slated from 9 am. Seven candidates are in fray for the six seats from Maharashtra. 

rajya sabha election result


Rajya Sabha Election Results 2022 LIVE Updates: Amid allegations of attempts at horse-trading in the Rajya Sabha elections, CEC Rajiv Kumar said special observers have been appointed to oversee the poll process which will be recordedThe Congress has won three of the four Rajya Sabha seats in Rajasthan with cross-voting by BJP members. One seat has gone to the BJP. A closely watched contest – marked with cross-voting and defections — was held on 16 seats across four states.

At least 41 candidates have already been elected unopposed. The Upper House election will be crucial in view of the Presidential elections which is scheduled to be held on 18 July.

rajya sabha election result 2022

The counting of votes which was scheduled to begin at 5 pm for the Rajya Sabha elections in four states was delayed as a delegations of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Congress met the Election Commission (EC) in Delhi over alleged violation of protocol in some states.


StateTotal No. of SeatsPartyNo. of Seats

राज्यसभा चुनाव परिणाम 2022

Rajya Sabha Election 2022: चार राज्यों की 16  राज्यसभा (Rajya Sabha) सीटों पर हुए चुनाव के परिणाम आने लगे हैं. राजस्‍थान की चारों सीटों के नतीजे आ गए हैं. राज्‍य में सत्‍ताधारी कांग्रेस तीन सीटों पर जेीत हासिल करने में सफल रही है, वहीं बीजेपी के खाते में एक सीट आई है.कांग्रेस के मुकुल वासनिक, रणदीप सुरजेवाला और प्रमोद तिवारी ने जीत हासिल की है. मीडिया दिग्‍गज सुभाष चंद्रा निर्दलीय के तौर पर मैदान में थे,

उन्‍हें बीजेपी का समर्थन भी हासिल था लेकिन वे सफल नहीं हो सके. चंद्रा को 30 वोट मिले.कांग्रेस के मुकुल वासनिक और रणदीप सुरजेवाला को अतिरिक्‍त वोट हासिल हुए. बीजेपी की एक विधायक शोभा रानी कुशवाहा ने क्रॉस वोट किया, बीजेपी के आधिकारिक प्रत्‍याशी घनश्‍याम तिवारी को भी दो अतिरिक्‍त वोट मिले. घनश्‍याम तिवारी ने भी जीत हासिल की है

राजस्‍थान की चारों सीटों के नतीजे आ गए हैं. राज्‍य में सत्‍ताधारी कांग्रेस तीन सीटों पर जेीत हासिल करने में सफल रही है, वहीं बीजेपी के खाते में एक सीट आई है|राजस्थान के सभी 200 विधायकों ने शुक्रवार को राज्यसभा चुनाव के लिये मतदान किया था. इसी तरह हरियाणा में वहां 90 में से 89 विधायकों ने वोट डाला. निर्दलीय विधायक बलराज कुंडू ने किसी को वोट न देने का ऐलान किया था. 

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