Rajgir Zoo Safari Online Booking

rajgir zoo safari online booking|rajgir zoo safari online ticket booking|rajgir zoo safari .in online booking|rajgir zoo safari online booking price|Rajgir Zoo Safari ticket booking online:Bihar state Government has opened the gate of Rajgir Zoo Safari for the folks who wish to visit the place. It is also recognized as Rajgir wildlife safari. Many people waited for enjoying eye-soothing nature and safari of the zoo. State chief Minister, Mr. Nitish Kumar announced this Rajgir Zoo Safari opening.

Chief minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday inaugurated the Rajgir zoo safari. Tigers, lions and several other animals brought from other states roam freely in the zoo. The visitors will move around in caged vans and buses to see the wild animals in their natural habitat. Located between picturesque valley between Swarna Giri

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday inaugurated the zoo safari at Rajgir in Nalanda district and said it was one of its kind in the eastern part of the country.Apart from that, Forest, Environment and Climatic change department of the state Government developed this safari throughout the year. Almost 177 crore Rs. have been invested on this particular project. However, there are five equal zones for herbivores and carnivores.

Rajgir Zoo Safari Online Ticket Booking

Through this article, you will get to know detailed description about Rajgir Zoo Safari online ticket booking and everything. When you will go to the Zoo, you will see Butterfly Park, interpretation Centre, Amphitheatre, orientation gallery, etc. Although all safety precautions will be taken by management section in the Zoo premises.

The zoo safari has been developed by the department of forest, environment and climate change at a cost of nearly ₹177 crore. It’s spread over 191.12 hectares and has five zones to accommodate over 250 herbivores and carnivores. There’s also an aviary, a butterfly park, an interpretation centre, orientation gallery and amphitheatre and a management section.

Rajgir Zoo Safari online ticket booking:

Developed by the state forest department at an expenditure of Rs171 crore, the zoo safari will accommodate herbivores, including deer, in 65.62 acres while an area 20.60 hectares has been earmarked for beers. Separate areas of 20.63, 50.50 and 20.54 hectares are earmarked for cheetah safari, tiger safari and lion safari, respectively.

  • Zoo name: Rajgir Zoo Safari.
  • Location: Bihar.
  • City name: Bihar.
  • Visit procedure: Booking online.
  • Opening date: Always open.
  • Email-id: rajgirzoosafari@gmail.com.
  • Office in charge: Mrs. Hemant patil.
  • Post category: Government of Bihar.
  • Official website: rajgirzoosafari.in.

Gorewada Zoo Safari Ticket Booking

Rajgir Zoo Safari ticket booking price as given below:

Every person can book ticket online and they must check thoroughly their official website before paying online. Per person entry ticket is 250 Rs.

Chhatbir Zoo Online Ticket Booking

Entry time of Rajgir Zoo Safari:

Any visitors can visit there between 9am to 6pm. All this arrangements has been made by the management officials so that visitors don’t face any problem entering the zoo. Besides, zoo is closed on Monday.

Rajgir Zoo Safari Tickets Booking Price

CategoryPrice (in Rs.)
Adult Entry FeeRs. 100/-
Children’s entry fee (4 feet and 6 inches)Rs. 50/-
Adult Safari FeeRs. 250/-
Children’s Safari Fees (4 feet and 6 inches)Rs. 150/-
Children Under 2 years oldfree

Parking fees for vehicle:  

  • Cycle-Rs. 10/.
  • Bus- Rs. 200/.
  • Mini Bus- Rs. 150/.
  • Car, jeep, LMV- Rs. 50/.
  • E-Ricksaw- Rs. 20/.

Some items can be prohibited inside the Zoo:

  • Citrate.
  • Gutkha.
  • Firearms.
  • Inflammable items.
  • Match box.
  • Pan Masala.
  • Lighter.
  • Balloon.
  • Cooking materials.
  • Bat, ball, racket, badminton.
  • Non-veg food items.

Features of Rajgir Zoo Safari

So dear visitors you have to collect the important details of the place where you are going to visit.

  • This zoo is built amidst the open forest of Bihar state, where animals can easily move from one place to another.
  • Only one vehicle of the officials will accompany the tourist inside the zoo.
  • There are so many artificial ponds here and other facilities for drinking water have also been made by the government for the animals.

Vital information about Rajgir Zoo Safari:

So visitors, you will have to know regarding vital details of the place where you will visit.

Detailed information’s are as follows

  • This Rajgir Zoo is an open forest where animals can roam from one place to another place.
  • An official can travel with the tourists inside the zoo by a car.
  • State Government has made various artificial ponds for animals.
  • Animals are not kept in the cave. They move freely around the zoo.
  • There are high-end security arrangements have been made inside the Zoo.
  • In other words, animals cannot escape from the Zoo by all means.
  • People can observe animals life very firmly.

Main attraction of Rajgir Zoo Safari:

There are several animals visitors will see by visiting inside the Zoo are mentioned below-

  • Herbivores
  • Leopard
  • Bear
  • Tiger
  • Birds
  • Micro telescope is available to watch sky view during the Zoo safari.
  • Tourist can get various facilities inside the Zoo like
  • Solar-powered armored bus
  • Rock climbing
  • Sharp objects
  • Mobile cafeteria
  • Bamboo hut
  • Shooting range
  • Orientation Centre
  • Cycling track
  • Waterfall
  • Others

Rajgir Zoo ticket booking online:

  • Anyone can book tickets digitally as per their convenience.
  • Visit an official website of Rajgir Zoo Safari.
  • Then, click on the website link.
  • You yourself must fill the form along with other person who will visit at a time.
  • After that, you have to pay 250/ per person ticket booking price through digitally like credit card, UPI ID, debit card, etc.
  • After payment, you will have notification of your ticket booking in your mail-id as well as on your mobile phone.

How to get google map location of Rajgir Zoo Safari?

Nowadays, it has become easier to get location in any places through proper utilizing of Google map. If you don’t know the exact location of the Zoo, you can type old block, Rajgir Block Road Rajgir District Nalanda Bihar, you will get the direction of the Zoo

Rajgir Zoo Safari Entry time

Any visitors can visit there between 9am to 6pm.

Rajgir Zoo Safari ticket booking price as given below:

Every person can book ticket online and they must check thoroughly their official website before paying online. Per person entry ticket is 250 Rs.

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