Rajasthan Couple Shot Dead”doctor couple shot dead

rajasthan doctor couple shot dead”doctor shot dead in rajasthan”doctor couple shot dead in rajasthan”doctor killed in rajasthan”

A doctor couple travelling in their vehicle in the heart of Rajasthan’s Bharatpur were stopped and shot dead by two men on a motor-cycle on Friday afternoon. Dr Sudeep Gupta and his wife Dr Seema Gupta, both in their late 40s, were shot five times. They died on the spot.The chilling murder in Bharatpur’s Neemda Gate area was captured by a traffic camera. The two men had been tailing the Gupta family’s compact sports utility vehicle for some time.

Dr Sudeep slowed down his vehicle near an intersection. The two, who were on a dark-coloured motorcycle, possibly black, overtook them.Police suspect it to be a case of revenge killing, as the medicos were earlier arrested in connection with a murder case and were at present out on bail.The doctor couple, Sudeep Gupta, 46, and Seema Gupta, 44, faced charges of burning alive a woman and her six-year-old son in 2019. Sudeep was allegedly in an illicit relationship with the woman, while the accused who murdered the couple were stated to be the woman’s brother and cousin.

rajasthan doctor couple shot dead

The assailants were identified based on CCTV footage of the incident, when the duo stopped the couple’s car at Circular Road near the Central Bus Stand, knocked at the side window and fired the shots from the point-blank range. They fled from the scene of crime on their motorcycle firing in the air to create panic.

Police said efforts were on to arrest the accused, who were identified as Anuj Kumar and Mahesh Kumar. The post mortem of both the deceased was conducted at Raj Bahadur Memorial Government Hospital in Bharatpur. Sudeep died on the spot, while Seema succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.

Rajasthan Couple Shot Dead

According to news agency PTI, Bharatpur’s inspector general of police Prasanna Kumar Khamesra said one of the attackers is Anuj Gurjar, the brother of Deepa Gurjar, who was accompanied by Mahesh, a friend from Dholpur. They were killed to avenge Deepa Gurjar’s murder. The police further added that the first shot appeared to have hit Dr Sudeep Gupta in the head. The gunman fired at least three rounds at Dr Seema Gupta, sitting on the passenger’s seat next to her husband.

Inspector Khamesra also added that the deceased doctor Sudeep Gupta, his wife Dr Seema Gupta, and his mother were jailed in November 2019 in a murder case of the woman and her child. Both were killed after their house was set on fire.


“We have identified the two assailants as the woman’s brother and cousin from footage of CCTV cameras installed by the police. Preliminary investigation suggests it’s a case of revenge killing. Efforts are being made to arrest them. An FIR has been registered in the matter and further investigation is on,” Bharatpur SP Devendra Bishnoi said.

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