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Punjab State Lottery Results 2022|Punjab State Lottery Lohri Draw Results 2022|Punjab state lottery Lohri Bumper result 2022|

Punjab state New Year bumper lottery and Punjab State Lohri bumper lottery 2022. Punjab New Year Bumper Lottery Result 2022: The draw shall be held on 15th January 2022 at Ludhiana. Read on to know all the information related to this scheme in detail.The Punjab State Lottery ticket is prize at Rs 200 plus Rs 90 extra for postal and packaging charges.Be warned that due to the number of visitors once the draw is held the website may be slow. Be patient, as the website would speed up once the traffic reduces.

The first prize of Rs 2 crore is guaranteed from the sold ticket. The second prize is Rs 1 crore. The third and fourth prizes are Rs 2.5 lakh and Rs 1 lakh respectively. While there is only 1, first and second prizes, there are 10 and 20, third and fourth prizes respectively.

Punjab State Lottery Lohri Draw Results 2022

The Punjab State New Year Bumper 2020 lottery result will be declared today. The same once declared will be available on the official website.The first prize will be drawn out of the sold tickets only. The draw is being conducted on 

Punjab state lottery Lohri Bumper Lottery 2020 is available for sale you can buy now Punjab state Lohri lottery. Book the tickets now and enjoy the scheme of Punjab lottery. A ticket is Rs 200 + 90 rs extra for postal and packing charges and you can transfer money online. Check every results here.

punjab state new year lohri bumper 2022

Launched By Government of Punjab
Date of Draw 15th January 2022
Venue of Draw Camp Office Ludhiana

Punjab State New Year Lohri Bumper 2022 lottery prize money

1 1st Prize (2) 25000000 Two complete numbers shall be drawn along with series. One from series A and another from series B. If numbers fall from the unsold ticket, The machine shall be re-operated until the prize is drawn from sold tickets.
2 2nd Prize (10) 1000000 Five numbers of six-digit shall be drawn with series.
3 3rd Prize (10) 500000 Ten numbers of six digit shall be drawn with series.
4 4th Prize (500) 9000 Ten numbers of six digit shall be drawn without series.
5 5th Prize (500) 7000 Ten numbers of six-digit shall be drawn without series.
6 6th Prize (2000) 5000 Twenty numbers of six digits shall be drawn without series.
7 7th Prize (150000) 500 Twenty numbers of last four digits shall be Drawn.

Punjab State Lohri bumper lottery result 2022 winner list

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