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Robotics startup Promobot is offering a big check for the right to make a robot with someone’s face and voice. The company will pay $200,000 for perpetual rights to a face and voice to replicate thousands of times as part of its customer service-focused humanoid robot.The humanoid robots are usable in several environments, according to Promobot. The specific demand for a face and voice is supposedly for an American company that wants to bring Promobot’s Robo-C robots to malls, airports, and other public venues in North America and the Middle East. The Robo-C has a human face compared to the more traditionally robotic look of its V.4 device, though they share largely the same capabilities

The company said that age, gender, and race are not deciding factors in picking the face and that anyone over 25 can apply for the role on their website. The company will make a 3D model of the winner’s face and body and the person chosen will need to dictate more than 100 hours of speech to produce a synthetic version capable of saying anything Promobot’s clients wish. The robot based on the chosen person’s appearance and voice will then start appearing in 2023.

Promobot Robot Face Application


Now, Promobots’ next invention will be a product of their newest developments in technology with the intention of creating a humanoid robot assistant that will be readily available to work in hotels, shopping malls and other packed places.With the help of a “kind and friendly” face, the next robot will be on its way as early as 2023. Newsweek also reports that the company disclosed gender will not be a defining factor in the selection process.

Our company is developing technologies in the field of facial recognition, as well speech, autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence and other areas of robotics,” explained the company, per a press release, Newsweek reports. “Since 2019, we have been actively manufacturing and supplying humanoid robots to the market. Our new clients want to launch a large-scale project, and as for this, they need to license a new robot appearance to avoid legal delays.

However, it would seem that the project itself has already closed, with the company website stating that it received over 20,000 applications in the space of a day. Given the size of the pay packet and how much of our lives data companies have already sold off, it’s not hard to see why.

Promobot sell my face eligible

According to the developers, the order for a new robot was placed by an American company supplying solutions to airports, shopping malls and retail stores within North America and the Middle East. A robot with a new appearance will start its activities in 2023, and a selected person’s face will become this robot’s appearance.

According to the company, the condition regarding appearance is set due to the project specifics as the robot will operate as a consultant within crowded places. However, the company assures that gender or age does not matter. In order to apply, one can respond by filling out a questionnaire on the company’s website.

Promobot Face Apply Online

It seems as though Promobot will have no trouble finding a prized candidate.

As of this writing, due to an influx of applications, the robotics company is no longer accepting new applicants.

“The Promobot company wants to say thanks to everyone who responded to participation in the project. Today we have received over 20,000 applications and our client has decided to suspend the request collection. We want to say thanks to all participants,” according to an update on the Promobot website.

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