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silent schemes pokemon go|pokemon go silent schemes|silent scheme pokemon go:Silent Schemes is a Team GO Rocket Special Research available starting Sunday, April 3, 2022 at 12:00 AM local time. Released alongside the All-Hands Rocket Retreat event.Giovanni never rests on his laurels. The Boss is back—and he’s got Shadow Latias in tow! A new Special Research story will be available at the beginning of this event. Progress through it to receive a Super Rocket Radar, and chase down Giovanni

Team Go Rocket is back in the spotlight. Members of the team are taking advantage of the recent Alolan adventure going on in Pokémon Go, hosting an All-Hands Rocket Retreat with their new Shadow Pokémon and causing trouble. The event, which runs from April 3 to 7, has Go Rocket appearing more frequently and with a new lineup of Shadow Pokémon. Even the three leaders, Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo, will have some new additions to their team. 

Pokemon Silent Scheme


Throughout the event, players will be working to obtain and activate the Super Rocket Radar, which will lead the way to Giovanni and his newly acquired Shadow Latias. Saving all the new Shadow Pokémon is the goal, but it won’t be easy. Players will also have new event-exclusive Field and Special Research available to complete. Here are all of the research tasks and rewards. 

Silent Scheme Pokemon Go

A new Team GO Rocket research line, Silent Schemes, has become available in accordance with the new All-Hands Rocket Retreat event.Pokemon GO trainers have another chance to stick it to Team GO Rocket thanks to a new research line: Silent Schemes. The research has six stages to it with each stage containing three tasks. Trainers can earn up to four sets of rewards per stage—one for each task and a small collection upon stage completion.As usual, to get this line, trainers may have had to complete the previous Team GO Rocket research line.


Starting on April 3, Trainers can unlock and start completing the Pokemon Go Silent Schemes Special Research Tasks. Like with other events, PoGo users will be contacted directly to offer assistance with Special Research. These tasks will take you on a multi-part journey to make important discoveries, this time based on defeating Team Rocket. According to the latest reports, the Pokemon Go Silent Schemes Research Tasks and Rewards are broken down into six sections

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Silent Schemes Step One

  • Win a raid – Reward: Breloom encounter
  • Defeat Three Team GO Rocket Grunts: Reward: Three Hyper Potions
  • Catch One Shadow Pokémon – Reward: One Revive
  • Completed Step One Rewards: 1000 XP, 15 Poké Balls, And Three Rare Candy.

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Step Two

  • Catch Five Shadow Pokémon – Reward: 10 Pinap Berries
  • Make Three Nice Curveball throws in a row – Reward: 10 Razz Berries
  • Defeat Five Team GO Rocket Grunts – Reward: 10 Nanab Berries
  • Step Two rewards: 1500 XP, 1000 Stardust, 10 Great Balls.

Step Three

  • Purify Five Shadow Pokémon – Reward: 1000 XP
  • Defeat Five Team GO Rocket Grunts – Reward: 1000 XP
  • Earn Three Candies walking with your buddy – Reward: 1000 XP
  • Step Three rewards: 2000 XP, 15 Great Balls, 15 Rocket Radars.

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Step Four

  • Defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo – Reward: 1500 XP
  • Defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Cliff – Reward: 1500 XP
  • Defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra – Reward: 1500 XP
  • Step Four rewards: 2500 XP, 1000 Stardust, One Super Rocket Radar

Step Five

  • Find the Team GO Rocket Boss – Reward: Five Max Potion
  • Battle Team GO Rocket Boss – Reward: 20x Ultra Ball
  • Defeat Team GO Rocket Boss – Reward: Five Max Revive
  • Step Five Rewards: 3000 XP, One Lucky Egg, Two Golden Razz Berry.

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