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philippine election 2022|philippine election 2022 live count|gma election 2022|philippine election 2022 updates|philippine election 2022 counting live:Reports of malfunctioning ballot-counting machines have slowed voting in the Philippine presidential race, which could see a delay in the results. A vice-presidential candidate has asked for voting hours to be extended.  Frontrunner Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and his main rival Vice President Leni Robredo cast their votes in their respective home provinces during the high-stakes election.

Marcos Jr. has led opinion surveys by double-digits ahead of election day, suggesting he could well take the highest seat of power more than three decades after his dictator father was ousted. Filipinos headed to the polls on Monday in a hotly contested election that has been described as the most consequential in decades, one that will shape the direction of the country’s fragile democracy and transform alliances with the United States and China.

Philippine Election 2022 Result


May 9, election day in the Philippines, 65.7 million Filipinos are expected to cast their votes to decide the next Philippine president. Up for grabs, too, are more than 18,000 other elective positions.Bookmark this page for Rappler’s special coverage of the 2022 elections, including real-time results from the Comelec’s transparency media server.

The man tipped to win the presidency is Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr, the son of the nation’s former dictator.Polls suggest he may see a landslide victory, meaning the Marcos clan ousted by a people’s revolt 36 years ago could reclaim power.His main rival is Leni Robredo, a liberal who narrowly beat Mr Marcos in the 2016 vice-presidential race.

But polls this campaign have consistently shown the Marcos heir ahead with a commanding 30-percentage-point lead.A high turnout is expected of the nation’s eligible 67.5 million voters – with many lining up pre-dawn on Monday to cast their votes at polling booths at schools and community centres.

gma election 2022

Stay up to date with this year’s elections through GMA News Online’s Eleksyon 2022 site.

With Smart Search, a technology developed by GMA New Media, Inc., it will allow users to find results for a specific candidate—complete with tallies and heatmaps.If you’re interested in monitoring national and local results in just one province, city, or municipality, you may also do so by filtering the location. This will show results for all positions in one place.

The Eleksyon 2022 site also features a cartogram, which displays where votes for a specific candidate are coming from. You’ll know where they’re getting a lot of votes, and where they’re getting just a few.

philippine election 2022 counting live

Each half-shade for a hexagon represents 100,000 voters, so a fully-shaded one is for 200,000 voters.

The map on the bottom, meanwhile, displays the number of election returns processed as of a specific time for the specified location. Votes are received from COMELEC in batches, at different time intervals.

There’s also the Vote Time Graph to view how the votes for candidates accumulate over time, based on COMELEC data transmission. Through this, you can track the candidates’ race for government seats.

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Philippine Election Live Count


0% precincts reporting as of May 9, 2022 4:19PM. Unofficial-partial results based on real-time data from the Comelec transparency server.

          • LACSON, PING (PDR)
              • MARCOS, BONGBONG (PFP)
                • MONTEMAYOR, JOSE JR. (DPP)
                  • PACQUIAO, MANNY PACMAN (PROMDI)
                    • ROBREDO, LENI (IND)

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