Peta 2021 Award|PETA Award 2021 Winner

PETA Award 2021 winner in India|PETA Person of the Year 2021 in India:It’s that time of year again—PETA’s Oscat Awards are back and better than ever with new categories and exciting winners whose creativity and compassion in 2021 films prove that there’s no need to abuse animals for entertainment.Last year’s winners included Sound of MetalMank, Pete Davidson, and Gunda. Read on to find out whose cinematic animal rights activism had our Oscat committee meowing for more this year.

Alia Bhatt, who has everyone impressed with her exemplary acting skills and fashion sense, has now added another feather to her cap. The actor is now turning out to be an inspiration off-screen as well as she was recently named 2021 ‘Person of the Year’ by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India.She was awarded the prestigious title to “celebrate her work in support of an animal-friendly fashion industry and her advocacy for dogs and cats in need,” PETA India said.

Peta 2021 Award


Alia is actively involved in animal welfare activities and regularly voices out the need for stronger animal protection laws. In 2021, she invested in Phool, the company behind Fleather, a vegan leather made from discarded temple flowers. Last year, she had also launched her vegan kidswear line, Ed-a-Mamma, which was awarded the 2021 PETA India fashion award “for helping to nurture kids’ love for animal and nature.

I believe that each one of us has a personal responsibility to our planet. And since animals, plants, oceans have no voice of their own, we should speak up for them as well. Coexist is a program I’ve set up with a vision that man lives in harmony with animals and nature,” the actor said.Sachin Bangera, PETA India director of celebrity and public relations, said, “Alia Bhatt is not only helping to advance vegan fashion but also encouraging the next generation to be kind to animals.

Alia doesn’t hesitate to speak up, whether she’s rallying her fans to adopt a dog or cat or calling for action on crimes against animals,” he added.As the year closes, PETA India has also named the celebrities who won the title of ‘Most Beautiful Vegetarians’. This year, actors Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar have won the coveted title.

PETA Person of the Year 2021 in India

From being one of the fittest actors in Bollywood to leading a climate revolution from her dinner table, Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar are showing everyone how easy it is to stay fit and eco-friendly while saving animals,” Bangera said. “PETA India is recognising them for being beautiful inside and out.”

Pednekar turned vegetarian over a year ago stating that eating meat just “didn’t feel good anymore”. She also regularly raises awareness regarding climate change and environmental conservation.

Akshay, on the other hand, has set massive fitness goals with his active and fit lifestyle and is an active supporter of animal rights and welfare.

Designers and retailers across India are meeting the skyrocketing demand for cruelty-free clothing and accessories, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India recognised the best of the best with its Vegan Fashion Awards 2021 in celebration of World Vegan Month (November).

Thirty-three designers pledged to go leather-free following a letter from Lakm� Fashion Week, the Fashion Design Council of India, and PETA India.

Actor and supermodel Milind Soman encourages his fans to keep animal skins out of their wardrobes. “No leather, no silk, no wool,” he wrote on Instagram. “No pain caused to animals just to satisfy human vanity. If you care, this is the alternative.” Soman was awarded the Best Vegan Fashion Style Icon.

PETA Award 2021 Winner

“The winners of PETA India’s awards prove that the future of Indian fashion is vegan,” says PETA India Senior Media and Celebrity Projects Coordinator Monica Chopra. “From silk-free sarees to leather-free bags, wallets, and shoes, it’s easier than ever to get a fashion-forward look that leaves cruelty to animals in the past.”

PETA India also notes that turning animal skin into garments requires massive amounts of energy and dangerous chemicals that damage the environment. The 2017 Pulse of the Fashion Industry report revealed that leather, silk, and wool are among the most polluting materials in fashion.

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