Maharashtra Lok Sabha election 2019|election dates,result 2019

Maharashtra Lok sabha election 2019|Lok sabha election in Maharashtra 2019|Maharashtra Lok sabha election result 2019

Elections for all the constituencies of Maharashtra Lok Sabha Elections 2019 are gaining ground, in the 17th Lok Sabha elections, all of them are on Maharashtra, after Maharashtra is the second largest state where 48 seats in Lok Sabha. Maharashtra is a big state where urban area is more urban than rural and there is also more means of automation.Here the number of voters is more for the Lok Sabha elections 2019 but due to being more voter, quite a vote goes in 4 parties.

The result is almost identical In the Lok Sabha elections2014, only a few votes were found to have been corrupted between the UPA and the NDA in Maharashtra, look at the Lok Sabha election 2019 Chash that the people of Maharashtra will hold a meeting of the Lok Sabha in the hands of which party? There is a voting for 48 seats in the Lok Sabha in Maharashtra, the date of Maharashtra Lok Sabha election 2019 has been decided by the Election Commission .Maharashtra is a state in which around 90% of people are aware and supported by assessing any political party. For the Maharashtra GeneralElection 2019, we have collected some figures on the basis of Opinion Polls and Lok Sabha Election Survey Report 2019.

Maharashtra loksabha election dates 2019

The polling for the Maharashtra Lok Sabha elections will be held in 36 districts of Maharashtra, which will be 6 big cities in Amravati, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nasik, Pune. The polling will be in 4 phases 11 April 2019, 18 April 2019, 23 April 2019, and 29 April 2019

Maharashtra Loksabha election result 2019

With 48 seats, the state is very important, in the Lok Sabha elections 2019, what kind of picture will emerge, It all the major Parties decide to contest separately the 2019 battle in Maharashtra lok sabha election2019. News Report “ Desh ka Mood “ surveys a series of opinion poll surveys done to gauge the public opinion at intervals.

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