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Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai online darshan booking|Kolhapur Mahalaxmi temple online darshan booking|Mahalaxmi e pass booking|Kolhapur mahalaxmi temple Contact number|kolhapur mahalaxmi temple timings:Bookings for the online darshan passes for the Mahalaxmi and Jotiba temples will be starting at 11am on Wednesday. The e-passes are expected to get a good response from the devotees.
The Paschim Maharashtra Devasthan Samiti is all set to welcome the devotees on the occasion of the Navratra festival that starts . Shivraj Naikawde, the secretary of the Paschim Maharashta Devasthan Samiti, said, “The devotees must book their online passes for the Mahalaxmi temple at and for the Jotiba temple at Wadi-Ratnagiri, they must book their darshan slots online

Devotee now avail darshan of Shree Mahalaxmi Ambabai by booking online e-pass. For e-pass required documents is aadhar card, email address & mobile number. You will get pass 1+3 members at a time. After booking get epass in PDF Format with QR code on email & mobile. Also receive epass ID number by SMS. All devotee have epass or id number on sms with aadhar card while come for darshan. Instructions keep all shoes, bags keep in vehicle.

mahalaxmi temple kolhapur online darshan


The controversy surrounding the pass system to take darshanat the famous Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Temple has led the temple committee to scrapthe VIP pass system.Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur, Ambabai Temple or Shri Mahalakshmi Temple Kolhapur is a famous Hindu Temple. Mahalakshmi Temple is located in Kolhapur City in Maharashtra State.The Temple is dedicated to Goddess Laxmi. Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur is considered as one of the 108 Shakti Peethas listed in various puranas of Hinduism.

Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur Darshan Timings

The temple opens at 4:00 AM in the morning and closes at 11:00 PM in the evening. The temple also performs various rituals during this time. The devotees can be a part of these rituals such as the afternoon and evening aarti.

DaysTemple Darshan SessionDarshan Timings
DailyTemple Opening Timings04:30
DailyTemple Darshan Timings05:00 to 22:00
DailyTemple Closing Timings22:00

What are the poojas and sevas at the Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple?

The daily schedule of the Kolhapur Mahalakshmi Temple is as below:

  • Ghantanaad: The ringing of the temple bells starts at 4:00 AM daily, signaling the beginning of the day and time to wake up.
  • Kakad Aarti: The Kakad Aarti is a form of morning Mangal Aarti which is performed to wake up the deity. Several chants and stotrams are recited to create a holy environment conducive to the waking up of the Goddess. The Kakad Aarti can be witnessed at 4:30 AM in the morning. The Aarti is then performed for The Matulinga, Lord Ganapati, Goddess Mahakali, Goddess Maha Saraswati and to the Shree Yantra.
  • Morning Mahapooja: The bells ring again at 8:00 AM signaling the beginning of the morning Mahapuja. The Goddess is first bathed with holy water and then decorated with Chandan and flowers. The Golden crown and the Golden footwear are placed on the Goddess amidst the chants of the devotees.
  • Naivaidyam: The process of feeding the Goddess with holy food prepared in the temple kitchen starts at 9:30 AM. Preparations of Rice, pulses, fruits, and vegetables are decorated around the deity’s feet and worshiped reverently.
  • Afternoon Mahapuja: The ringing of the bells at 11:30 AM indicates the start of the afternoon Mahapuja. Naivedyam is offered to the Goddess mainly consisting of Puranpoli, Rice, Dal, Vegetable, and Koshimbir. Special Poojas are performed in the afternoon with flowers and Kumkum. Panchamrit Abhishekam is performed for the Goddess.
  • Alankar Pooja: The idol of the deity is decorated with Gold Jewellery, Chandan, Kumkum, and Flowers. A traditional Saree is wrapped around the deity and then ornaments like Kundal, Mangalsutra, Kirit, Chains, Kolhapuri Saaj, and Tikhar are placed on the deity.
  • Dhup Aarti or the Bhog Aarti: At 7:30 PM, the bell rings again indicating the beginning of the Dhup Aarti. The Goddess is offered holy Naivedyam and evening Aarti is performed. On Friday evenings, Mahanaivedyam is offered to the Goddess.
  • Shej Aarti: The Night Aarti or the Shej Aarti is performed at 10:00 PM. The ornaments are removed from the deity and milk and sugar are offered. The Goddess is allowed to sleep amidst the chants of the priests.

Tirumala Tirupati Temple online booking

Guidelines issued by Trust:-

  • Devotees have to wear mask compulsory. No entry will be given to the devotees with no mask.
  • Devotees have to compulsory maintain a distance of 3 feet from others, avoid crowd, and close contact
  • Devotees should not be COVID-19 positive.
  • Devotees visiting the temple must be vaccinated.
  • Age should be between 11 to 65 years, pregnant women are not allowed.
  • No Offerings will be physically allowed in the temple.
  • You should adhere to the date, time and slot selected.
  • Kindly carry Aadhar Card during darshan.

Mahalakshmi Temple Timings and Entry Fee

The timings to visit Mahalakshmi Temple Mumbai are between 6 AM to 10 PM. Entry is free and you can watch the aarti live as per the scheduled timings.

Mahalakshmi Temple Mumbai aarti timings are 7 AM to 7.20 AM and 7.30 PM to 7.50 PM. Apart from the main aarti, you can also attend Dhoop aarti around 6.30 PM, depending on the time of sunset, and Shej aarti at 10 PM before the gates close for the night.

Daily Naivedya ritual, in which the priests offer food to the deities, is at 12 PM.

The temple priests also perform special rituals like Mahapuja on behalf of the devotees. You have to pay ₹251 for that. For Abhishek and Archana rituals, the donation is ₹20 and ₹10, respectively. Special havan sessions can also be arranged in the temple premises on a donation of ₹2500.

Kolhapur Mahalaxmi temple online darshan Booking

Mahalaxmi Temple Darshan Booking Visit the Official Portal

Book Tickets for Kolhapur Shri Mahalakshmi Temple Online
Now click on the “Online Ticket Booking” option given on the official homepage.
  • Now fill all the required details for the ticket booking.
  • Now fill the address details and also fill all other mandatory details.
  • Now click on submit button given below.
  • Now you will be registered for the Mahalaxmi Temple Kolhapur Darshan Ticket Booking.

How can I book darshan for Mahalaxmi temple Kolhapur?

ahalaxmi Temple Darshan Booking Visit the Official Portal

Is Pass required for Mahalaxmi temple?

Shivraj Naikawde, the secretary of the Paschim Maharashta Devasthan Samiti, said, “The devotees must book their online passes for the Mahalaxmi temple at

Is Darshan allowed in Mahalaxmi temple Kolhapur?

The count of online darshan slots at the Mahalaxmi (Ambabai) and Jyotiba temples have been reduced to only 400 devotees per hour. … The authorities have requested all devotees to ensure use of mask, sanitization and social distancing when coming for darshan at Mahalaxmi and Jyotiba temples.

Is Kolhapur Mahalaxmi temple open after lockdown

The temple will remain open from 7am to 9pm every day.

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