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The six-episode ‘London Files’ sets up a brisk pace from the get-go. The rise of feeling against potential immigrants is a hot-button subject, and gives the series a sense of immediacy.A cop with a dark past is one of the oldest tropes in detective-crime thrillers. Arjun Rampal’s morose Om Singh is one of London’s finest, and is senior enough to be assigned choice cases. But there’s something weighing him down. A dead girl turns up, with a horribly mutilated face: is she the missing daughter of a man behind the anti-immigration bill that has so riled people who hope to find a home and dignity in the UK?

The six-episode ‘London Files’ sets up a brisk pace from the get-go. The rise of feeling against potential immigrants is a hot-button subject, and gives the series a sense of immediacy. Add to that a slew of characters who have more going on than they are willing to let on, plus an unusual setting, and you have the makings of an intriguing mystery.

London Files Web Series


The Voot Select show London Files is set in the British capital, but it has characters and plotlines that are straight out of a potboiler simmering away somewhere in Mumbai.London police officer Om Singh (Arjun Rampal) is hurting from a family tragedy involving his son. Om’s boss Ranjh (Sagar Aarya) asks the heavily medicated detective to investigate the disappearance of media baron Amar Roy’s daughter Maya.

Amar (Purab Kohli) is an easy target: he is pushing hard for legislation that will crack down on immigrants.Maya (Medha Rana) has been fuming at her father’s hard-line politics and hypocrisy. When Maya’s heavily battered body turns up, a kidnapping case turns into murder.

London Files Review

Om Singh (Arjun Rampal), who is a senior police detective in London, is assigned to investigate a high profile missing girl, Maya. Om’s initial investigation soon points toward a homicide case thereby implicating her own father and media tycoon Amar Roy (played by Purab Kohli). However, there’s more than what meets the eyes.

The entire story is set against the backdrop of protests and chaos in the city of London after Anti Immigration Bill was introduced in the UK parliament. Media tycoon and father of the missing girl (Medha Rana) is a supporter of the Anti Immigration Bill. This puts him and his family under threat.

Amar Roy and Maya share a bitter-sweet father-daughter relationship but an argument over a controversial bill between them puts the former under the police scanner. Later, a body was recovered and a perfect DNA match led the police to believe him as the murder suspect. Amar’s arrest turns the table completely and, Om Singh then figures out that Maya’s missing case and his past have a connection. Is Maya in actuality dead? Will he be able to solve the case? All this is answered in the six episodes.

London Files: Release date

Recently, the streaming platform Voot Select revealed the release date of the show. The Arjun Rampal starrer is scheduled to release on April 21, 2022 at Voot Select. Its first trailer was revealed on April 3, 2022. 

London Files: Cast and makers

The series will witness the reunion of Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli. Packed with edge-of-the-seat drama and suspense, London Files also stars Sapna Pabbi, Medha Rana, and Eva Jane Willis, Gopal Datt, Sagar Arya, in key roles. Directed by Sachin Pathak and produced by Jar Pictures, the six-episode series will premiere on April 21 on Voot Select.

London Files: Synopsis

Detective Om Singh is given the task to find the missing daughter of the media mogul Amar Roy, as he goes on he finds a ring-type mark everywhere, in which a snake swallowing his tail has shown. As Singh continues his quest, has to uncover the secrets, mysteries, and lies that run abyss in London, and with it, Singh has to fight with his past that comes in between solving the case. Things veered when Singh sees Roy as one of the suspects.

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