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lalitham sundaram|lalitham sundaram movie review|lalitham sundaram watch online:Keep it simple and beautiful. Actor Madhu Wariar seems to have followed that to the T in his directorial debut, Lalitham Sundaram, which translates to ‘Simple, Beautiful.’ He maintains the feel-good factor throughout, employing some familiar tropes and situations in the process. However, the movie, an OTT release, is a pleasant-enough watch, thanks to the ensemble cast, picture-perfect frames and some good music. 

Prior to the release, there was much talk about a brother (Madhu) directing his sister, Manju Warrier, perhaps a first in Malayalam cinema. There was also a lot of excitement about Manju coming together with Biju Menon after two decades. But those expecting to see them as a couple would be disappointed that they play siblings, Sunny and Annie.

Lalitham Sundaram Review

Madhu Warrier’s debut directorial is a breezy fun ride about a group of individuals who are trying to look back and reclaim their happiness in life. The film which was directly released on Disney Hotstar is about the importance of family bonding in this fast-paced life. What makes it an endearing watch are the familiar actors who give a face to these characters. They make it worthwhile.

Simple story

The film starts in Mumbai, capturing the life of Annie who is settled there with her husband and two children. They are planning to go home for vacation. Along with Annie, her brothers also join the festivities, to a house that is filled with beautiful memories. There are unresolved issues between them. An incident prompts them to extend their vacation for a week. How their life turns around in a week is what the film is all about.

lalitham sundaram movie review

Lalitham Sundaram, like its name (which means Simple, Beautiful), has a simple premise. Three siblings, Sunny, Annie, and Jerry, leading vastly different lives in different parts of the country have grown apart due to their busy schedules and underlying tension. When they head to their home in Munnar for their mother’s death anniversary, they are asked to extend their stay by their father to fulfill their mother’s dying wish. As they fulfill each wish, the three of them are forced to face their issues. 

Admittedly, Lalitham Sundaram has a stellar and experienced cast. However, standout performances are from Biju Menon and Manju Warrier. Menon pulled off recluse and struggling Sunny convincingly, and Manju’s perfectionist Annie is subtly done. The rest of the cast did a good job, adding to the film’s emotional impact. 

Cinematographers P. Sukumar and Gautham Sankar have managed to capture the breathtaking beauty of Munnar and bestowed upon us some beautiful shots throughout the film. Some of the frames were brilliantly shot, reflecting a particular character’s personality, for instance, all the long shots on Biju Menon that shows him standing by himself. Bijibal’s soothing tunes were another highlight in the film, even though a few of them felt forced and unnecessary. 

The story of Lalitham Sundaram offers the comfort of a familiar storyline. You won’t find shocking twists and turns, instead the film envelops you into a healing hug with a tale of redemption and filial love. However, you will find yourself wanting more depth to characters.

Those who love feel-good movies will enjoy watching Lalitham Sundaram. While the film deals with cold war between brothers and underlying tension in a family, the drama doesn’t stay longer than necessary.

Most conflicts don’t find a complete resolution; instead, there’s a silent understanding that mutual love is more important. With emotional and heartwarming moments, Lalitham Sundaram is an enjoyable and feel-good watch.

The film is like a glossy television soap, with the token sugary family picnics, montage songs, occasional sentiments, humour and mild conflicts. The problem with Lalitham Sundaram is how little you feel invested, despite the excess of sentiments. This feel-good is more an endurance test.

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