Kuthukku Pathu Web Series|Kuthukku Pathu Web Series Review

Kuthukku Pathu will release on May 13, 2022 and is directed by Vijay Varadharaj .This show will be available in Tamil language. Samyuktha Karthik, Sanjoey, Adukalam Naren, Bose Venkat, Shah Ra, Abdool Lee, R. Badree, Vijay Varadharaj and Harini Rameshkrishnan will be playing as the star cast in this show. Kuthukku Pathu will be available in Comedy genre.The web series Kuthukku Pathu’s story revolves around a group of friends who try sorting out issues between a couple. When one of them gets attacked by the relatives of the couple, all the friends react in a harsh manner.

The entry of a few gangsters into the plot makes things complex. What happens further forms the rest of the story. The web series is a dark comedy with ample comedy, action and suspense with notable debutant actors.

kuthuku pathu web series review

Kuthukku Pathu has all the ingredients of a commercial potboiler.The seven-part web series is packed to the rafters with a love story, abduction scene, bike race, gang war, murder, an MLA and his two wives, a RAW agent et al. And just like the show’s tagline, the series is generously filled with punches. And some of them go like this – “If you want peace, I’ll give you chicken piece, if you want war, I will give you world war.”  

As the plot gets rolling, there is a hasty proposal to a north Indian girl residing in Chennai, which enrages her brother. The only reason the proposal happens is because the youngster wants to be seen with a fair-complexioned girl! A fight ensues between the friends of both sides.The war of words between the Hindi gang and the Tamil gang escalates and leads them to take major digs at their respective backgrounds. 

kuthukku pathu web series

As a parallel story, a youngster’s girlfriend gives him a new phone, but that gets him involved with a gang that takes pride in calling themselves the Reservoir Dogs. The members of the gang are dim-witted and display erratic behaviour, but are well dressed and constantly spout lines in English, which borders more on the comic side. And wait for it! They have an Illuminati connection, too! 

Soon, we are introduced to Rangabhashyam, a professor proud of his upper caste lineage and constantly flaunts the same, be it refusing to drink tea served by a Muslim or refers to others as Shudras. He eventually becomes the root cause of all the incidents that follow in the series. All hell breaks lose as an MLA dies prompting his second wife to take charge of his politics, but not without setting her own agendas; a bike mechanic who has never pledged to race after the death of his mother in a road accident, takes part in a race, and a timid policeman goes on to commit a murder, much to the shock of his colleagues. The biggest twist in the story is reserved to the end.  

The show marks the directorial debut of Temple Monkeys fame Vijay Varadharaj in a web series and the debutant director unravels the genre of black comedy. The series begins with a caution that it is filled with expletives and one needs to brace themselves for it. And true to the disclaimer, there is an ample amount of profanity, so much so they get vexatious after a certain point of time. 

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Though the show starts on a slightly jarring note, it soon picks up steam as the plot gets thicker.The actors in Kuthukku Pathu are all in their element, and quite convincing in their respective characters. But, like they say, too many cooks spoil the curry. Too many characters in the series take some time to register in our minds and some scenes barely manage to evoke laughter. But, it’s interesting how the director manages to connect all the storylines towards the end and manages to keep us entertained. The background score by Balamurali Balu complements the scenes, especially the Hindi song and the finale song when the man of the moment makes his big entry and jumps into action.  


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