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Sahayahastham Scheme 2022|Sahayahastham Scheme 2022 Kerala Online Application Form|Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan’s pandemic loan scheme ‘Sahayahastham

The chief minister’s loan scheme, launched to help people who lost their livelihood due to the Covid-19 pandemic.Over 22.77 lakh women in the state have benefited from ‘Sahayahastham.These women are members of 1.95 lakh neighborhood groups (NHGs) under the Kudumbashree – the poverty eradication and women empowerment programme of the government.

The ‘Sahayahastham’ scheme worth Rs  2,000 crore is to provide interest-free loans to the women self-help groups. The participating banks give loans to the NHGs and the 9% interest charged by them is paid by the government. About 40% of the lenders are primary agricultural credit cooperative societies, while the rest include scheduled banks and private banks.

The repayment starts six months after the sanction and has to be completed in three years. The loan amount to a group member ranges between Rs  5,000 and Rs  20,000.   Kudumbashree executive director S Harikishore said the disbursal of funds which was started in April is nearing completion. “These are consumption loans aimed to help people who lost jobs or livelihood due to the pandemic.

Kerala Sahayahastham Scheme


The wide network of the Kudumbashree helped the government reach out to over 22 lakh beneficiaries in a short time,” he said.The NHGs have a credible track record of repayment, according to Harikishore. “There are nearly three lakh neighbourhood groups under the Kudumbashree having an average loan size of Rs  4.5 lakh.

The repayment rate is over 98%, thanks to the joint responsibility of group members,” he said. Among the districts, Thiruvananthapuram tops the list where 2.9 lakh members of nearly 24,000 groups availed themselves of the loans. It was followed by Thrissur with 2.56 lakh members and 20,500 groups.

Highlights of Kerala Sahayahastham Interest Free Loan Scheme

Name of the Scheme Kerala Sahayahastham Scheme 2022
Aim To provide Interest Free Loans to Women SHGs
Major Beneficiaries Members of 1.95 lakh Neighbourhood Groups (NHGs) under the Kudumbashree
Loan Amount Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 20,000
Interest Rate 9% interest which would be borne by the state government
Repayment of Loan Amount 6 months after sanctioning of loan and has to be completed in 3 years
Lenders Primary agricultural credit cooperative societies, Scheduled and Private banks
Total No. of Beneficiaries 22.7 lakh women
Total Allocation Rs. 2000 crore

CM Interest Free Loan Scheme for Women SHGs – Features

  • In the Sahayahastham Scheme, govt. provide interest free loans to women self help groups.
  • The loans are provided through participating banks to neighbourhood groups (NHGs).
  • The 9% interest charged by the banks is paid by the Kerala state government.
  • Members of 1.95 lakh NHGs under the Kudumbashree are the major beneficiaries of the CM Interest Free Loan Scheme for Women SHGs.
  • The loan amount to a group member ranges b/w Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 20,000.
  • Repayment of Interest Free Loans under Sahayahastham Scheme starts 6 months after its sanctioning and has to be completed in 3 years.
  • Around 22.77 lakh women had already taken benefits of CM Loan Scheme in Kerala.
  • Approx. 40% of the loan are provided through primary agricultural credit cooperative societies and the rest loans are provided through scheduled and private banks.

Sahayahastham Scheme 2022 Eligibility Criteria

  • Any person who is the permanent residents of the state of Kerala is eligible in this scheme.
  • Women allow to get the benefit under this scheme only if he belongs to the women Neighbourhood Gorups.
  • Only registered group can submit the online application under this scheme.
  • Before applying for this scheme, you have the bank account in name of your Self Help group.

pandemic loan Sahayahastham scheme Document Required

  • Residential proof document of Kerala state is required to submit with the application form.
  • Every member of the group have to submit their ID proof.
  • Self Help group registered proof document.
  • Bank account detail which is open in the bank in name of SHG.

Kerala Sahayahastham Scheme

Sahayahastham Scheme 2022 Kerala Online Application Form

To get the benefit under this scheme, you may have to submit the online application form for this scheme. after making the announcement of this scheme

They did not disclosed the facts about the Online application form for this Kerala Sahayahastham Scheme 2022.

As and when they launched the official portal for this scheme, we will provide you the information related to this scheme.

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