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KCR Apathbandhu Ambulance Scheme Telangana|Telangana KCR ApathBandhu ambulance scheme|KCR Apathbandhu Scheme|KCR Apathbandhu’ ambulance scheme

Telangana State government launched a new scheme named the KCR apathbandhu ambulance scheme. The aim of the scheme is to assist unemployed youth who are under the poverty line of the society.On the other hand, only the girls and boys who are under BC welfare can get the scheme benefits. The government is giving focus on the problem of unemployment in the state.

Through this scheme, the most backward class category can get financial support from BC corporations. In other words Telangana government will begin this KCR  apathbandhu ambulance scheme for extensive improvement of the backward communities.The decision to start the KCR Apathbandhu Ambulance Scheme has been taken in the review meeting held at BC Kalyan Bhavan. Under this scheme of the Telangana government, a group of 5 unemployed youths will be formed, who will work for the ambulance service in the state.

KCR Apathbandhu Ambulance Scheme


The state government is going to announce on 27th April 2021. However, the BC welfare Ministry took the decision to launch the KCR apathbandhu ambulance scheme. They arranged a review meeting last year on 28th February 2020 at BC welfare Bhavan.Under KCR Apathbandhu ambulance scheme,5 unemployed youth will create a group and their main motto is to operate an ambulance for backward sections of the communities. Telangana state government has planned to launch this scheme as a leading project.

KCR Apathbandhu Ambulance Scheme

Scheme Name KCR Apathbandhu Scheme
Launched By Telangana Govt.
State Name Telangana
Benefits Youth employment opportunities
Application Procedure Online/Offline
Purpose Financial assistance to Youth
Beneficiary Citizen of State
Official Website ———————–

Telangana KCR ApathBandhu ambulance scheme

On the other hand, the state government will give one KCR ambulance for every single district all over the state. The main objective of the scheme is to expand this pilot project for covering more jobless candidates.They are providing skill development in different fields from the reputed institution such as National Institute of fashion technology and food processing industries to improve their own business organisation.

As per the record of officials, rupees 300 crore will be spent to give training in AC repairs and bike and car mechanic works for the unemployed aspirants in the current year.Under the scheme the state government will set up competitive coaching centres for BC students who are preparing themselves to get jobs in all identified districts of Telangana.In other words, corporate level education facilities will be provided to the students from standard to intermediate level so that they can avail the benefits accordingly.

Key features of the KCR Apathbandhu Scheme

  • The main objective of theKCR apathbandhu ambulance scheme is to provide job opportunities to the unemployed youth of the state. It will assist the government to prevent the growing issue of unemployment in the state of Telangana.
  • Scheme target group is unemployed youth of the state who are under backward classes of the society.
  • Almost 11 federations have been assigned to work in their different fields so that they will help to create the scheme a successful one.
  • There are 5 unemployed candidates who will work together in a one group and they will operate the ambulance. Moreover,each  ambulance will work together for each district.

Eligibility Criteria:-

  • Telangana state government has introduced the KCR apathbandhu ambulance scheme for the unemployed youth so that they can get the benefit from the scheme.
  • The candidates must carry suitable identification details like Aadhar Card and others to justify.
  • At the time of registration,unemployed youth can submit their family income details to the concerned authorities.
  • The applicants must have an active bank account as the financial support under the scheme and it will be credited in a bank account linked with the scheme.

List of essential documents to apply for the scheme:-

  • Domicile certificate.
  • Voter ID card.
  • Income certificate.
  • Bank passbook details.
  • Mobile number.

TN KCR Apathbandhu Ambulance Scheme Online Registration Procedure

At this time, the Telangana government has not provided any information regarding the online application. This plan has just been announced. Regarding the scheme, the online application process, eligibility criteria, and detailed information will be released soon by the concerned department.

In case you are unemployed, you are requested to keep up with our website for more information related to this scheme. Here you will also be informed about other schemes launched by the Telangana government. If any type of information regarding the application of this scheme is shared by the concerned department, then we will update it on our website.

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What is KCR Apathbandhu Ambulance Scheme Eligibility Criteria?

Only unemployed young men and women of Telangana can take benefit of this scheme. For more information related to this, you read this article completely.

How will the Apathbandhu Ambulance Scheme be implemented by the Telangana government?

Under this scheme, the Telangana government will run an ambulance in all districts as a pilot project, which will be run by 5 unemployed youths.

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