Karnataka Budget 2018-19|Siddaramaiah all benfit,s

Karnataka Budget 2018-19|Karnataka Budget 2018|Karnataka Budget 2018-19 pdf file download|

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah presented the final budget of his current term today

Karnataka’s full curriculum highlighted the budget speech of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah:

* For pre-State, national and international level players, monthly pension has been increased from Rs 750 to Rs 1000, Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 and Rs 1500 to 2000 rupees.

* The monthly pension to the former State, National and International level has been increased from Rs 750 to Rs 2500, from 1000 rupees to 3,000 rupees and Rs 1500 to 4000 rupees respectively.

* Karnataka has maintained its first position for the second consecutive year to attract industrial investment: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

* ‘Media Sanjivani’ will be given a group insurance facility to the journalists so that in case of death due to accidents or casualties, the insurance cover of upto Rs 5 lakh can be provided to the deceased’s family.

* At the cost of Rs 2 crore, ‘Forgiveness Fund’ will be set up for the welfare of the news distributors, who distribute newspapers and are living a life of uncertainty.

Karnataka Budget 2018-19

* Karnataka has made a great achievement in protecting the wild life species. As a result, Karnataka is the first in the country in terms of tigers, elephants, wings and leontoned maize: Chief Minister

* Karnataka now has 407 tigers, 6,072 elephants, 2,500 painters and a large number of deer and other wild animals. According to Tiger Census 2010, according to the Tiger Census in 2010, there was 300 which has increased to 407 in the 2014 Census: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

* Steps have been taken for conservation of wildlife by adding 1,42,500 hectare forest area in protected area network: Chief Minister

* Forgive the penalty on property taxes for industries in industrial areas and townships, if principal is paid in the same installment

* Gross enrollment ratio in Karnataka is 26.4, higher than national average: CM

* Baswa Study Center established at the University of Mysore at the PG Center of Kuweepu University for coming to Cheekagulu

* More Air Quality Monitoring Stations will be set up in Karnataka to tackle pollution.

Large scale afforestation program should be started on the banks of the rivers in the state: Siddaramaiah

* A Wentened Dam by Planning West Bengal in the Southern Kannada District: Siddarama

* Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced a package of Rs 2500 crore for Bengaluru

* To see the burner stove in the afternoon of the state government and to see two refill for 30 lakh beneficiaries, State Minister Anil Bhagya Yojana or state government’s free gas connection project

* Government to set up Karnataka Sports University under PPP model

For the Scheduled Caste boy, Rs 3 lakh for marrying a girl from any caste and Rs 5 lakh for a Scheduled Caste girl, the boy from another boy got married

* 25% reservation was announced for backward classes and minority students in the Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe post-matricical hostels;
Rs. 5 lakh for the girl of Devadasi and Rs. 3 lakh incentive for male child of Devadasi.

* An additional 1000 bed wards were announced for Bangalore Medical College

* Karnataka Health Plan or universal health plan will be started in February

* CCTV cameras will be set up in all government schools in a phased manner for the safety of students.

* Announcement of agricultural loan exemption of Rs. 1 lakh from cooperative banks after the death of the farmer.

* Chief Minister announces loan at Rs. 50000 interest rate of 0% for women and fishermen

* For the benefit of 5.9 lakh government employees and pensioners, almost equal wages, it will add an additional burden of Rs 10,508 crore on the treasury.

* Due to Demonstration, the State suffered financial loss: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

The Chief Minister announced the scheme of ‘Raita Belluku’ to benefit the farmers of 70,000 drought land for a maximum of Rs 10,000 per hectare.

* Today there is a hunger in Karnataka; we have a pro farmer government: Siddaramaaya

* I am not an economist, but more than 40 years of political experience has proved that a farmer’s son can do the hard work: Siddarama

* Begin to present budget for CM Siddaramaiah 2018-19

* Only second Chief Minister will be the second Chief Minister in the Siddaramayya state – four decades after the completion of the full term of five years – Devraj Urs (1972-78).


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