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karmegam 2022|karmegam web series imdb|gaalivaana web series|gaali vaana web series cast|gaali vaana zee5 cast|karmegam web series review:First things first. This Telugu-language web series is an adaptation of the BBC miniseries ‘One Of Us’ (2016). The original was written by Harry and Jack Williams, who get their due in the opening credits of the 7-episode adaptation. What makes this adaptation interesting is that it’s not a typical crime thriller where the identity of the offender is hidden till the first half or even the climax. It’s not a cliched murder mystery where misleading elements are introduced in an attempt to cheapen the suspense.

Ajay and Geetha, who just got married, get murdered in cold blood in their apartment. The killer Srinu scoots and rushes to Komarraju Lanka, the sparsely-populated hamlet where the families of the murdered couple live in a farmhouse-like neighbourhood. By then, the families of Ajay and Geetha are in total disarray after learning about the murders. Ajay’s mother (Radhika Sarathkumar as Saraswathi) and other family members try to save Srinu by tendering first-aid. In the process, they get to know that Srinu is there in the village after running away after murdering their son and daughter-in-law. They inform Geetha’s father (Sai Kumar as Komarraju) about the same. 

Karmegam Web Series


The two shell-shocked families now gather and most of them are convinced that Srinu must be killed instead of being saved. Shravani (Chandini Chowdhary), Ajay’s sister, dissuades them from making an impulsive decision. However, much to the two families’ shock, Srinu is found murdered in their barn the next day. 

‘Gaalivaana’ is a rare offering in the Telugu OTT space in the sense that it doesn’t blight the story with contrivances and low-hanging fruit. Right from the second episode, the series sets out on a roller-coaster ride, keeping the viewer guessing about who might have killed the killer. Questions like morality vs humanity, moral policing, and making peace with deviance are raised much later in the story. The viewer is not spoon-fed, she is not told who should be cursed and who should be sympathized with. 

When Saraswathi says that she is ready to be jailed for Srinu’s murder despite her innocence (because that would give her the perverted satisfaction of being labelled the killer of her son), we find ‘Gaalivaana’ immensely emotional. Komarraju is saddled with a potentially estranged teenage son who threatens to go rogue. At a time when the two families are struggling to stay afloat amid a sea of uncertainty, Nandini (Nandini Rai as an immoral police officer who won’t forgive the transgressions of the Komarraju and Saraswathi families) propels herself into the crisis in unexpected ways.

Karmegam Web Series Review

A couple of flaws make their entry in the middle portions of ‘Gaalivaana’. Why do the characters discuss Srinu’s murder and the attempt at a cover-up in places like outside a police station? So many individuals are involved in the cover-up but none of them has the basic intelligence to cook up a well-rehearsed answer for what happened to Srinu’s vehicle? Hari Gowra’s background score doesn’t quite register the plot turns effectively. The staging of inflections in the story could have been more tension-inducing. Sri Lakshmi’s entry in the final act is purposive but the casting is funny. 

Gaalivaana, the web series starring Sai Kumar, Radhika Sarathkumar, Chandini Chowdary, Nandini Rai, Chaitanya Krishna, Thagubothu Ramesh, Jyothi Pradeep and Ashritha Vemuganti is streaming on ZEE5. ZEE5 along with BBC and NorthStar Entertainment produced Gaalivaana.

gaali vaana web series

Gaalivaana’ is the latest web series from ZEE5 in association with Northstar Entertainments and BBC. Sai Kumar and Radhika Sarathkumar played the lead roles while Sharan Koppisetty directed this thrilling series. This 7 episode web series offers enough thrills to the audience to glue till the end. It starts off as a murder mystery and takes unexpected turns keeping the audience’s interest intact. Set in a village backdrop ‘Gaalivaana’ has a strong casting with seniors like Radhika Sarathkumar and Sai Kumar creating much-needed impact with their performances. 

The emotional angle is also dealt in an impressive manner. The final episodes piqued the suspense factor and ends on a high note. The series is made with good technical values and the background score by Hari Gowra elevates the mood. On a whole, ‘Gaalivaana’ is impressing the OTT viewers with quality making and an interesting story. It received a fabulous response for its gripping narration.  Here are some reactions from netizens about the thrilling ZEE5 series, ‘Gaalivaana’.

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Gaali Vaana Web Series Cast

From the table given below, you can find out about the cast from the web series Gaalivaana. 

Cast NamesCharacter Names
Raadhika Sarathkumar Saraswathi
Sai KumarKomarraju
Chandini ChowdaryShravani
Chaitanya Krishna Marthand
Ashrita Vemuganti Tulasi
Nandini Rai IPS Nandini
Thagubothu RameshAnjaneyulu
Sharanya Pradeep Jyothi
Armaan Srikanth
Charith Ajay Varma
Nikhitha Shree Geetha
Nanaji KarriPatamata Srinu
Sri LakshmiShakuntala
Satish SaripalliSatyanaryana
Surabhi Jaya ChandraSuribabu

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Gaali Vaana Web Series Where To Watch?

Gaali Vaana is very popular for its cast and plot. So looking at the cast you might feel intrigued to watch the drama. Am I right? Now the next question that pops up in your mind is where to watch Gaali Vaana. There are many platforms that have thousands of series and movies but you might not know where to watch Gaali Vaana. Don’t worry we have got your back. Gaali Vaana is now available on ZEE5 So what are you waiting for, enjoy watching Gaali Vaana only on ZEE5.

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