Gujarat Lok sabha election 2019|Election result  2019

Gujarat Lok sabha election 2019|Gujarat lok sabha seats|Gujarat loksabha election date 2019|Gujarat Lok sabha Election result  2019|

Gujarat Lok Sabha Elections 2019 has been promoted with great zeal. It is interesting to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi Home state, it will be interesting to see who will support the people of Gujarat in this year Lok Sabha elections in 2019. The Election Commission has fixed the date of Gujarat Lok Sabha election 2019 to 23 April, of which 33 districts of Gujarat will have one phase in which voting will be held in Gujarat

Gujarat elections will be held in 2019 only in the big city of Gandhi Nagar and Ahmedabad. Gujarat is a state in which 100 fisheries were owned by BJP result in Lok Sabha elections 2014, Lok Sabha elections 2019 will be seen. Will any other party Modi be able to make a seat in the state of Gujarat this time.

Gujarat Lok sabha election 2019 

The date of Gujarat Lok Sabha election 2019 has been done by the Election Commission on April 23,which will be held in 33 districts of Gujarat in the first phase. Gujarat is the state of 9th rank (According to 2011 causes report 10 th ) the population here is approximately 6,03,83,628, which is about 80% of the voters.

Gujarat Lok sabha Election result  2019

In 16 Lok Sabha elections 2014, BJP owned its ownership on Gujarat, 26 of 26 seats were BJP, the people of Gujarat had full support for BJP.

In the 17 th Gujarat Lok Sabha elections in 2019 Gujarat Lok Sabha will be able to support the Lok Sabha from which BJP and Congress nominees for 26 seats. The Lok Sabha Result and Opinion Poll will tell us how this time the result of Lok Sabha elections will be seen.

According to opinion poll and  report of Gujarat General Election Survey 2019, this time Congress seats are also being expected in the Lok Sabha elections 2014, all the seats of the people of Gujarat were handed over to the BJP.

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