Glastonbury 2023 Registration|How To Get Glastonbury Tickets

how to get glastonbury tickets|how much are glastonbury tickets|glastonbury 2023 rumours|glastonbury 2023 registration:Glastonbury is celebrating its 50th anniversary this week after a two-year pause caused by the pandemic.Tickets for 2022 sold out in 30 minutes in 2019, and although over 200,000 people managed to grab a spot, roughly 2.2 million people were left disappointed – as a massive 2.4 million people registered for tickets prior to their release.Although Glastonbury 2023 has not been confirmed yet, there are measures you can take to get your hands on a set of the sought-after tickets if the event that it goes ahead.

After facing two years of cancellations, Glastonbury Festival is finally back.The celebration of music and arts, which is held at Worthy Farm in Somerset, is taking place from 22 to 26 June. You can find out more information about the weather forecast for the festival here.

Will Glastonbury be on next year?


We already know that Glastonbury 2023 will not be a fallow year (when a year is taken off to allow the land to recover).

In fact, the festival’s boss Michael Eavis has said that all three headliners have already been booked for next year. Names, however, are yet to be revealed.

While official dates have not yet been announced, the festival traditionally takes place in the last couple of weeks of June. We will update this when dates are made official.

How to get tickets for Glastonbury 2023

With no official dates for next year’s festival announced, the dates for ticket release are also currently unknown.

The bulk of this year’s festival tickets were allocated way back in 2019 and carried over when the festival was cancelled twice. A lucky group managed to pick theirs up in the March resale.

Next year will be a fresh start, with spots likely going on sale in October for those who have already pre-registered.

Tickets for Glastonbury 2022 cost £280 + £5 booking fee, so you can expect that tickets for next year will cost around the same.

In 2019, tickets for the following year sold out in 30 minutes, with most choosing to roll over their tickets to 2022. While 200,000 people managed to secure their Glastonbury passes, a further 2.2 million were left disappointed.

Glastonbury organisers have yet to confirm a date for 2023 ticket sales, but the first round are usually put up for grabs in early October. The resale – offering those who didn’t manage to get tickets the first time round a second chance – usually takes place in early March.

How Many People Apply For Glastonbury Tickets?

Since the registration for the upcoming festival is not yet opened, it is unsure how many people apply for Glanstonbury tickets. However, when they first went on sale, tickets for the upcoming Glastonbury Festival were sold out in in over 30 minutes. According to organisers, all 135,000 tickets for the 2020 festival were purchased in just 34 minutes. 2.4 million people registered to try to attend the Somerset event, which saw a significant shortage of attendees.

How to Get Glastonbury Tickets for 2023?

A ticket must be purchased ahead of the initial release. In order to do this, a picture must be uploaded to the official Glastonbury website. Glastonbury expressly forbids independent ticket resales; if someone is discovered reselling their ticket, their order will be rejected and considered worthless. This is why photos are needed to avoid ticket touting. Every person who is 13 years of age or older who plans to purchase a ticket must have their very own legal registration number, and if they decide to purchase tickets for a team, they should all be registered. Registration is open at all times, prior to the day that tickets go on sale. 

What is the Cost of Glastonbury Tickets?

Glastonbury 2022 tickets cost £280 plus a £5 booking charge. This is only a suggestion, as the pricing for 2023 could certainly vary. The website states: “Every effort was made to keep this increase on the 2020 ticket price of £265 as low as possible, despite inflation and the impact of two forced cancellations.” This year, the first week of March was when the entire ticket amount was due. Up to December 31, 2021, you could obtain a full deposit refund (without any administrative fees), but cancellations made after that date were subject to a £25 administration fee per ticket.

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When will tickets for Glastonbury 2023 be released?

The exact release date for tickets to Glastonbury 2023 has not yet been determined.

However, judging from previous years, they traditionally go on sale around October time.

Tickets for the 2022 festival went on sale all the way back in 2019.

They rolled over from the cancelled festival in 2020, with a lucky set number being released in the March resale.

Tickets for Glastonbury 2023 will be a fresh start, with preference given to anyone who has pre-registered.

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Glastonbury 2023 Registration

You need to register for a ticket in advance of the first release. This involves uploading a photograph to the official Glastonbury website.

Photos are required to prevent ticket touting as Glastonbury strictly prohibits independent ticket resales – if someone is found to resell their ticket then their order will be cancelled and void.

Everyone aged 13 or over who intends to buy a ticket must have their own valid registration number and if they plan on buying tickets for a group of people, they will all need to be registered.

Registration can be done at any time in the run-up to the day the tickets go on sale.

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