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To prevent the use of petrol and diesel-type vehicles the FAME India project was launched by the authorities of the Indian Government and it was an integral part of the national electric mobility mission plan. In this article today, we will share with all of you the different details regarding the Fame India Scheme 2022 phase 2 which was launched recently for the residents of India.Fame India Scheme 2022 check apply online procedure and benefits. FAME Phase 2 depository How to register online, eligibility for subsidy.

Especially four-wheeler cars have been considered in this scheme. Fame India Scheme 2022 Phase-2 has also been introduced, to the citizen of our country. So, if you want to know about this new scheme of the central government, we have come here to provide you all the related information. The cabinet has decided before releasing this scheme publicly.The objective of the plan was to facilitate the sale of 6-7 Million Electrical and Hybrid vehicles by the year 2020. The scheme was implemented and overseen by the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises.

Fame India Scheme 2022

Fame India Scheme 2022 is the second phase of the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP). A government Scheme was launched in 2015 to Stimulate the Production of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles. The scheme aimed to further the technological advancement in that field with a sustainable extension. The Central government aims to gradually replace the algorithm by introducing new and better alternatives such as Electric and Hybrid vehicles. 

Fame India Scheme 

Name of the Scheme FAME India Scheme 2022
(National Electric Mobility Mission Plan)
Year of Launching (Phase I) st April 2015
Year of Launching (Phase II) st April 2019
Category Government Scheme
Department Department of Heavy Industries
Objective Reduce the Air Pollution
Advancement in Environmental Friendly Technology
Official Website dhi.nic.in

Fame India Scheme Extended Till 2024

Fame India scheme has been launched to encourage electric vehicle purchase. Through this scheme, the government is going to provide subsidies on the purchase of new electric vehicles which will promote electric mobility. The government has extended the FAME II scheme for 2 years. Now, this scheme will be applicable till 31st March 2024. Previously this scheme was launched from 2019 to 31st March 2022. Under this scheme, necessary charging infrastructure will also be set up for electric vehicles. Fame India scheme has been launched with the objective to address the issue of environmental pollution and fuel depletion. Under this scheme, the government has also increased the subsidy incentives from Rs 10000 per kWh to Rs 15000 per kWh.

Sales Of Vehicle Under Fame India Scheme

Till now a total of 78045 vehicles have been sold through the Fame India scheme. The government has allocated a budget of Rs 10000 crore for the implementation of this scheme. Only 5% of the budget amount is used till now i.e. Rs 500 Crore. In terms of sales 58613 electric two-wheelers have been sold till March 2022. The target was to sell 10 lakh units so the government has decided to extend this scheme till 2024. As of 26 June 2022, 78045 total electric vehicles have been sold through the Fame India scheme which includes 59984 electric two-wheelers, 16499 electric three-wheelers, and 1562 electric four-wheelers.

Budget Of Fame India Scheme

Karnataka has sold the highest number of electric vehicles that is 17438, Tamil Nadu has sold 11902 electric vehicles, Maharashtra has sold 8814 electric vehicles, Uttar Pradesh has sold 5670 electric vehicles and Delhi has sold 5632 electric vehicles. Rs 10000 crore was allocated for the implementation of the Fame India scheme from 2019 to 31st March 2022. Till now Rs 818 crore has been spent. The remaining amount has been divided into three phases for the coming three years which are Rs 1839 crores for 2022-22, Rs 3775 crore for 2022-23, and Rs 3514 crore for 2023-24.

Objective Of Fame India 2022

The scheme was launched by the concerned authorities of the central government from 1st April 2015. This scheme was launched so that the manufacturers are encouraged to build electrical vehicles more in the country. The Government stated that there will be high use of electric buses to reduce pollution and other types of difficulties. Now, phase two of the scheme is started. It is also said that the government will be spending around 10,000 crores on this scheme in the upcoming year of 2022 and 2022. There will be a high number of electric buses in big metropolitan cities to reduce pollution.

350 New Charging Stations Installed

In order to promote electric vehicles in India, the government has launched the Fame India scheme. Through this scheme, the subsidy is provided on the purchase of new electric vehicles. The government has installed 350 new charging stations under the second phase of the Fame India scheme. These stations are installed in cities like Chandigarh, Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, and Bangalore. This information was provided in the Parliament. On 20 July 2022 Minister of State and heavy industry affairs Krishan Pal Gujar announced that infrastructure for 520 charging stations has been sanctioned at a cost of Rs.43.4 crores under the first phase of this scheme.

Subsidy Of Rs.600 Crore On Two Wheelers Is Provided Till Now

A total of 2877 charging stations are being built in 68 cities throughout the country under the second phase of the Fame India scheme. The cost of building these 2877 charging stations will be Rs 500 crores. By 9 July 2022 under the scheme 3,61,000 vehicles were purchased for which the government had provided a subsidy of 600 crores. The subsidy amount of electric two-wheelers has been increased from 10,000 KWH to Rs.15,000 KWH which has resulted in price cuts for existing electric vehicles. The budgetary support for the second phase of this scheme is Rs.10,000 crore.  As of 30 June, 2022 through this scheme 862 electric buses were provided a subsidy of Rs.492 crores.

Summary Of Charging Stations

Name of the city Number of electric stations
Chandigarh 48
Delhi 94
Jaipur 49
Bengaluru 45
Ranchi 29
Lucknow 1
Goa 17
Hyderabad 50
Agra 10
Shimla 7
Total 350

FAME India 2 Online Apply 2022

Near about 2700 Charging stations in the count would be also, built in the distance of 3 kilometers in cities, smart cities, hill stations, metros, etc.

Charging Stations Summary
Serial Number Name of the Area Number of Electric Stations
1. Delhi 94 Electric Stations
2. Also, Chandigarh 48 Electric Stations
3. Jaipur 49 Electric Stations
4. Goa 17 Electric Stations
5. Also in Bengaluru 45 Electric Stations
6. Hyderabad 50 Electric Stations
7. Ranchi 29 Electric Stations
8. Shimla 7 Electric Stations
9. Lucknow 1 Electric Stations
10. Then in Agra 10 Electric Stations
Total Number 350 Electric Stations

FAME India Benefits

Benefits of Fame India Scheme 2022 :

  • As a result of this yojana, the eco-friendly public transports system has to promote.
  • Most importantly, it reduces the pollution level, which has increased in the last few years.
  • Also, electric and hybrid system vehicles get developed for the development of the country.
  • It also increases the interlinking of renewable sources of energy throughout the country.
  • At last, for promoting services, charging stations have been allotted.

However, information about the scheme was the first release, in Parliament. The Minister of State and Heavy Industry Affairs Mr. Krishan Pal Gujar has also announced on July 20th, the year 2022 about the infrastructure of 520 Charging stations. So the cost of the charging station sanctioned previously was Rs 43.4 crore Rupees.

pm kisan Samman yojana 2022 online application form

Application Procedure Of Fame India Scheme 2022

To apply for the scheme the applicant will have to go through the application procedure as prescribed by the concerned authorities of the Fame India Scheme 2022. No new application procedure is yet known to apply for the scheme as of today but you can visit the official website of the Scheme 2022.

Procedure To View The List Of OEM And Dealers

  • First of all go to the official website of Department of heavy industry, ministry of heavy industries and public enterprises, Government of India
  • The home page will open in front of you
  • On the homepage, you have to click on the scheme tab
  • Now you have to click on OEM and dealers
List Of OEM And Dealers
  • The list will be displayed before you

Procedure To View The Models Of Vehicles

  • Go to the official website of Department of heavy industry, ministry of heavy industries and public enterprises, Government of India
  • The home page will open in front of you
  • On the homepage, you are required to skin tab
  • Now you have to click on models
Fame India Scheme
  • The list of all the models along with their details will be on your computer screen

View FAME-II Depository

  • Visit the official website of the Department of heavy industry, ministry of heavy industries and public enterprises, Government of India
  • The home page will open in front of you
  • On the homepage, you are required to click on FAME-II Depository
Fame India Scheme
  • The list containing the document name, document date and download format will be on your computer screen.


What is the Incentive in Fame India Scheme 2022?

The Incentive given in the Second Phase of the Fame India Scheme is through the reduction in the cost of the EVs so that the Vehicle becomes affordable. There is also an incentive in the form of subsidies.

What is the document required to apply for Fame India Scheme 2022?

The interested applicants will need identity proof documents and Address Proof to apply for the scheme.

What is the purpose of the Fame India Scheme 2022?

Fame India Scheme is the second phase of the National Mission on Electric Mobility Plan. The Main purpose of the scheme is to advance in the eco-friendly vehicle Industry and reduce the pollution caused by fuel burning.

How do EVs function without fuel?

Electric Vehicles or EVs run on Electricity rather than the fuel. They only need charging stations to get their batteries charged for the run.

Which vehicles are available for the Fame India Scheme Phase II?

Two-wheeler Vehicles, three-wheeler Vehicles and Four wheeler vehicles are available under the scheme. The latest four-wheeler vehicles under the scheme are Electric buses and Electric Cars.

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