Corona Helpline Number|corona helpline whatsapp number

As the 21-day lockdown ends today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended it till May 3. In his third address to the nation in the last one month, Mr. Modi urged Indians to take ‘seven sacred vows’ in these tough times.

The Union Health Ministry in its daily COVID-19 update said that 10,363 have been tested positive so far and there have been 339 deaths. Reports from States, however, put the figure of persons tested positive at 10440 and death toll at 358

The ‘MyGov Corona Helpdesk’ has been engineered to fight rumors, educate the masses and bring a sense of calm to the current chaos-like situation. We are committed to assisting the government with all our possible strengths and resources and hope that this chatbot can help the GoI spread the right information across the nation

corona helpline whatsapp number

To counter the spread of misinformation related to coronavirus pandemic, the Central Government has taken various measures including the launch of helpline numbers. These helplines are often flooded with calls as the number of cases and panic along with it rises in India. A WhatsApp text to 9013151515 will get you all the related information on coronavirus.

As India sees a surge in novel coronavirus cases, the Union Health Ministry on Monday activated a toll-free 24×7 national helpline number,

Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had on Sunday reviewed the status of actions taken by states and union territories for prevention and containment of the disease and directed officials to scale up the capacity of the round-the-clock control room helpline in view of increased volume of queries.

Corona Helpline Number district wise|Coronavirus Helpline Numbers for the States

Name of the State                   Helpline number

Andhra Pradesh                         8662410978

Arunachal Pradesh                  9436055743

Assam                                             6913347770

Bihar                                                 104

Chhattisgarh                                077122-35091

Goa                                                    104

Gujarat                                             104

Haryana                                          8558893911

Himachal Pradesh                     104

Jharkhand                                      104

Karnataka                                      104

Kerala                                               0471-2552056

Madhya Pradesh                        0755-2527177

Maharashtra                                020-26127394

Manipur                                         3852411668

Meghalaya                                    108

Mizoram                                         102

Nagaland                                      7005539653

Odisha                                           9439994859

Punjab                                           104

Rajasthan                                     0141-2225624

Sikkim                                            104

Tamil Nadu                                  044-29510500

Telangana                                     104

Tripura                                           0381-2315879

Uttarakhand                               104

Uttar Pradesh                            18001805145

West Bengal                              3323412600

Below is the list of Coronavirus Helpline Numbers for Union Territories:

Name of the Union Territory             Helpline Number

Andaman & Nicobar Islands                    03192-232102

Chandigarh                                                       9779558282

Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu        104

Delhi                                                                      011-22307154

Jammu                                                                 1912520982

Kashmir                                                               1942440283

Ladakh                                                                 1982256462

Lakshadweep                                                   104

Puducherry                                                        104

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