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The Central Government has initiated a new digital platform called CO-WIN for Covid 19 vaccine delivery. CO-WIN a new mobile app that will allow people to register for the vaccine.This new digital platform will be utilised for recording vaccine information and will create a database of healthcare workers.Union hills main street has an improved dad is earl back from like co-win. It is monitoring 19 vaccine deliveries. This digital mobile app will enable people to have registered documents for vaccines.When covid 19 became a pandemic earlier this year.

The central government has come with its aim to keep a record of the kisses and concentration of novel coronavirus infections.Aarogya setu app was launched in the month of April. In the beginning, another smartphone application predict has come in March CO-WIN 20.This smartphone applications project took a new shape of Arogya setu app,which has become popular among urban indians.When the government is monitoring covid 19 program, now it is the time for CO-WIN app. This digital application project has been launched at the press conference held recently, this co-win app going to be a special app for Covid 19 vaccine distribution.

Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network Registration Objective:-


  • The primary objective of this app is to allow citizens to apply for a Covid-19 vaccine shot.Union health secretary Rajesh Bhusan told two vital things regarding the vaccine program.
  • At first,he said CO-WIN is the smartphone applications project for Covid 19 vaccine delivery program.
  • On the other hand,this mobile app will track vaccine data and the process of making a database of healthcare workers. In other words,this app will be across all states and unionTerritories.
  • Secondly, Mr.Bhushan told that each single indian who requires vaccination for the latest vaccine program.line listing for Covid 19 vaccine is being made. CO-WIN app plays a crucial role in facilitating this vaccination drive.

cowin registration new update

Amid deadly Covid-19 second wave surge, the Centre had said that all Indian adults will be eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine starting May 1. Here’s how and where you can register yourself & your family members for the third phase of Covid-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccine registration: All those who are 18 years of age and above can now register themselves for COVID-19 vaccine from today on the government’s CoWin platform –  cowin.gov.in, the Aarogya Setu app and Umang App as the government gears up to launch the third phase of the immunisation drive on May 1. Amid deadly Covid-19 second wave surge, the Centre had said that all Indian adults will be eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine starting May 1. The inoculation process and documents to be provided to get the jab to remain the same.

It is to be noted that the government has made it mandatory for the 18-44 age group to register themselves on the CoWIN portal and get an appointment for vaccination against coronavirus, saying walk-ins will not be allowed initially to avoid “chaos” at immunisation centres once the inoculations drive opens up substantially.

Co-win Registration Modules:-

There are five modules to register for Covid-19 vaccine and recording of the vaccination drive smoothly.

  1. Administrator Module
  2. Registration Module
  3. Vaccination Module
  4. Beneficiary Acknowledgement Module
  5. Report Module
  • Five modules are administrator module, registration module, vaccination module, beneficiary acknowledgement module and report module. The government has chosen 30 crore people as the prioritized population groups for covid-19 vaccination drive.
  • Almost 1 crore healthcare workers and 2 crore frontline workers have been involved in essential services. For the common people, the registration module of the CO-WIN is different from other apps.Those who are not frontline workers, they can register on the CO-WIN 20app for the Covid 19 vaccine through the registration module.
  • After doing a registration process,the beneficiary acknowledgement module will provide an sms to the registered mobile number and administrative set up for the Covid 19 vaccination drive.This program will get into business for distribution and inoculation of the vaccine
  • .Administrators will hold vaccination sessions whose track will be managed in the administrative module. On the other hand,the surveyors will conduct a survey of the health and comorbidity condition of the beneficiaries.
  • However,health authorities will upload data on the CO-WIN app so that it will help the health authorities to track priority and follow up.


  • This CO-WIN app will provide real time data from cold storage facilities.
  • This facility is an extension of electronic vaccine intelligence Network (eVIN).
  • The central government launched this app in September month of this year.
  • Citizens will get three possible covid 19 vaccines at the doorstep.


This app has not yet been available.You can download this smartphone application on any platform.It is still under improvement.

Please get in touch with you to know more info from our site.We will try to give answers to the questions of the readers.

how should you register for the COVID-19 vaccine:

1. At the vaccination site, only pre-registered beneficiaries, one at a time, will be vaccinated in accordance with the prioritisation, and there will be no provision for on-the-spot registrations.

2. Twelve photo-identity documents, including election ID, Aadhaar card, driving license, passport and pension document, will be required for self-registration on the Co-WIN website or app.

CO-Win App Download

  • Download the Co-WIN app on your mobile phones for free or visit the Co-WIN website. (Link not active yet)
  • Register yourself with required details to get a date for vaccination.
  •  Submit the details.You will receive the date and time to get your vaccine shot.
  • Each volunteer will be monitored for 30 minutes after administering the vaccine shots for any adverse event from the inoculation.
  • States and UTs will allocate the vaccine from one manufacturer to a district, as far as possible, to avoid mixing of different COVID-19 vaccines in the field.
  • The vaccination team will consist of five members.Each session should be planned for 100 beneficiaries per day.
  • There will be three separate rooms – one for waiting, one for observation, and one for the inoculation – to ensure crowd management and social distancing.
  • If the session site has adequate logistics and space available, one more vaccinator officer can be added to create a session for 200 beneficiaries.
  • Stringent measures to be taken to avoid exposing the vaccine carrier, vaccine vials or ice packs to direct sunlight.

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