Chhattisgarh middle school Scholarship Portal 2022

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Chhattisgarh Middle School Scholarship 2022  , a pre-matric scholarship portal has been created to distribute scholarship on-line to students of scheduled castes, tribes and other backward classes, through which students will get the benefit of scholarship directly and in scholarship students’ accounts Will be transferred only. The aim of this portal is to streamline transparency, effective management and automation in processes related to delivery of scholarship

Chhattisgarh middle school Scholarship Portal 2022 cg middle school scholarship primary school middle school scholarship Children of middle school will now get online scholarship. The school education department is preparing the portal for this website. From July the students will be named in the scholarship portal. Children will get the convenience from this session. With this arrangement, transparency in delivery of scholarship distribution will end with the scope of disturbances. Along with this, students will get freedom even after going to the bank for hours. After this primary schools will also be brought under the scope. 

Chhattisgarh middle school Scholarship Portal

Chhattisgarh middle school Scholarship Portal Primitive caste welfare department first saw the work of scholarship.  there was a large amount of disturbances in scholarship distribution. Scholarships were then issued to schools. The amount lies in the bank. There are dozens of schools like Adarsh ​​Kanya Shala, Balak School, who got scholarship two years later. Since then, the School Education Department has the responsibility of distributing. Scholarship delivery system was done online from 9th to 12th. All the information was prepared by preparing separate portals. With this, distribution of scholarship has become easier now. This is why the  scholarship has been deposited in the bank account of 22 thousand students. This system will be adopted at the secondary level from the academic session 

Middle School Scholarship Portal has been created to distribute scholarship on-line to the students of scheduled caste, tribal and other backward classes, so that students will get scholarship benefit directly and scholarship will be transferred to the students’ accounts. The purpose of this portal is to streamline transparency, effective management and automation in the processes related to distribution of scholarship, under the scheme of middle school scholarship schemes, the following schemes have been included
1. Chhattisgarh State Scholarship Scheme 
2. Virgo Literacy Scheme 
3. Untrained Business Scheme

Chhattisgarh middle school Scholarship Portal 2022 online apply

Middle School Scholarship Login

  • Now you have got the username and password.
  • It has  school code – User Id  and  school password – password  . Fill it like a screenshot below and sign in.


Now you will be logged in. You have to register your students. For this, you will get the registration option in the left side. Click on it and get two options

  • Student registration – It is to register the student.
  • Student – A list of students enrolled in it will be available with full details.

You have to go to the registration of the first option ie student registration. Screenshots have been cleaned well.


Step-1  Now you will find the full details page in which you have to fill in personal information. There are two parts in it –

  1. Personal information and
  2.  Student’s address

1 Personal Information –

Please note  – Fill in the given option where the star is placed in the red color is mandatory, without full site will not accept it.

To fill this, understand the screenshot below. First you have to look at it. It’s very easy.


This section has to give students’ bank account information. Take a look at this in the screenshot.


  • In this you have to   fill the IFSC Code . When you fill out these codes, the name and address of the branch will be automated. After watching this, the student’s account number will be filled. What is linked to the account? In this option, if you connect tick mark.

In this step, check the IFSC Code and Account Number once  and click  Save Bank Detail . You get the registration number of the child and how much rupee you have to get the rupture.

Have successfully   registered for cg middle school scholarship 2022 . The details of your  registration  will be found in Registration> Student Sections. Here you  will find a list of how many students have  registered for escholarship . You can download this list in pdf or excel form.

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