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carol prentice|carole prentice bridgerton|carole prentice artist|6 and 20 bridgerton|carole prentice|what is 6 and 20 bridgerton|bridgerton season 2 review:bridgerton Season two has finally arrived on Netflix, with tributes paid to two members of the show’s production staff.The second outing of Netflix’s smash-hit period drama dropped on Friday (March 25), which focused on Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and his quest to find a wife.As they tuned in, fans noticed that season two was dedicated to people: Mark Pilcher and Carol Prentice.Episode one is dedicated to Pilcher, the hair and makeup designer on season one.

Pilcher, who won a Creative Arts Emmy for his work in the first season, died in October after contracting COVID-19.Nicola Cougallon, who plays Penelope Featherington on the Netflix series, shared an emotional tribute to Pilcher after her death.Deeply saddened by the loss of the brilliant and visionary Mark Pilcher.

Carole Prentice Bridgerton


The Bridgerton season 2 finale left fans with a lot to unpack and ponder, but the events of the episodes likely aren’t what led you here today. Instead, it’s likely you just finished watching the season 2 finale and your curiosity was piqued by the tribute to Carole Prentice which appeared after the screen faded to black and the finale credits began to roll.

Who Carole Prentice?

If the name Carole Prentice does not immediately ring a bell, it’s likely due to the fact that Prentice was not a part of the Bridgerton cast and was instead a part of the behind-the-scenes team who helped bring the series to life.

According to the season 2 premiere credits, Prentice was the COVID-19 production manager for the series. While the specifics of her role with the series are unclear, as COVID-19 production manager she was one of the many individuals helping to ensure the safety of the cast and crew as they worked on filming the series’ second season.

Marc Pilcher Bridgerton

bridgerton season 2 review

Set in the high society of 19th century London, the new season begins from the aftermath of eldest Daphne Bridgerton’s marriage. Her officious elder brother Viscount Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and head of the Bridgerton family by virtue sets on to pick the best woman in the city and turn her into a viscountess. As a dutiful son, he puts his duties as a viscount above his own needs or rather ‘Love’.  “I cannot succumb myself to the blind delight of being in love,” he reasons.

 Bridgerton season 2

Before getting into a carousel of bawls, parties, and recitals, he meets Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley)- an intriguing stranger with whom he has provocative verbal spat. The encounter truly excites him and started to develop a liking for her but as a dutiful viscount discards it out of his mind. Later during the first bowl, he is introduced to Edwina Sharma who soon becomes the ideal fiancee for a man of Anthony’s stature and the Bridgerton family. Guess who is Edwina’s sister? Soon a love triangle develops among Anthony, Kate, and Edwina.

Bridgerton 2 Review: What Works:

It’s easy to get lost in the grandiosity of Shondaland’s depiction of Regency-era romance which is still sweeter and fizzier than the other period dramas. Embellished gowns, opulent sets, a carousel of bowls & soiree, lush gardens, colossal houses, and some terrific horse rides through parkland kept me invested in the story.

Top Boy Season 3 

Eloise Bridgerton seeking the true identity of the gossip girl, Lady Whistledown, and to unmask her makes for some of the intriguing parts of the plot. Her friendship with Penelope Featherington and their fallout are some of the few scenes that are written well enough to keep the audience hooked on it.

Even though Bridgerton 2 may have fewer s*x scenes, as compared to celebrated steamy scenes in season one, felt like an integral part of the plot and not merely glacé figs atop a grand confection.

Top Boy Season 5

What age is six and twenty Bridgerton

So what exactly did Kate mean when she told Lady Danbury she was six and twenty? Six and twenty is an archaic way of saying 26 — which is how old Kate is in the season when we meet her.

It’s a unique way of saying one’s age; however, the method was a common way of saying one’s age during the regency era. Instead of saying “I’m 26,” it would have been common for someone of that age to say they were six and twenty instead during the 1810s.

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