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blacklist season 9|joely richardson blacklist|cast of blacklist season 9|blacklist genuine models|blacklist genuine models cast|the blacklist genuine models inc|the blacklist season 9 episode 13 cast:Finally, an episode without the mystery surrounding Liz (Megan Boone). I know a lot of readers have been telling me Liz is the real heart of the show, and I’m not going to deny she wasn’t important to the story or the series. She is and always will be, but this episode reminded me that the series can go on without Liz at the center of the story.

Sure, Red (James Spader) mentioned Liz a few times, but the Red that we knew from the beginning died when Liz was killed. This is a new Raymond Reddington, who just needs to have closure before he can fully embrace a new life with Mierce (Karina Arroyave) — who we find out has left him.While multiple shows have been banished to the TV graveyard over the past few months, the same cannot be said for The Blacklist.The NBC crime-thriller is now in its ninth season in the US, with a UK release incoming, so there’s plenty more danger ahead for superfans of the drama.

Blacklist Season 9


Currently, there’s a fair bit of drama going on off-screen over at The Blacklist, with US fans annoyed that there’s been a schedule shake-up.Launching as planned on October 21, fans were disgruntled just five episodes in when it was shifted in the TV line-up by NBC.The show then started up again on December 9 after a two-week hiatus for just a week, then went on its holiday break before coming back on January 6.

Fans have been left waiting a while now with the show stopping for another brief spell on episode nine but it’s good news for those who have been patiently holding on. According to the NBC website, The Blacklist is set to return on Friday, February 25. Hurrah!All this toing and froing makes the wait for episode 10 feel even more taxing especially since the season already has a lot to unpack. It’s fair to say a brief recap is in order.

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Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) is getting a blast from his past in the March 25 episode of The Blacklist.Joely Richardson, who first appeared in the Season 7 episode, “Cornelius Ruck (No. 155),” is returning as Cassandra Bianchi, and TV Insider has an exclusive first look. (As you’ll recall, Cassandra is a thief who has a complicated past with Red.) Check out the photos of her above and below to see Richardson as Cassandra, with Red, and with fellow guest star Patricia Richardson.

In “Genuine Models Inc.” on March 25, the members of the Task Force are led to an unusual suspect after the wealthy clients of an apparent escort service begin turning up dead. Meanwhile, Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix) heads to Atlanta to follow a lead on his blackmailer.When Richardson first appeared on the NBC drama in Season 7 (then, Red had learned he could finally sell his share of a stolen art treasure, leading to the reunion with Cassandra), she pointed to her character and the actor she worked opposite in the episode for what drew her to it.

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the blacklist season 9 episode 13 cast

We knew that The Blacklist season 9 episode 13 would be featuring a big guest star in Patricia Richardson. Now, we’ve also got confirmation that a familiar face is returning, as well!

For the first time since the episode “Cornelius Ruck” back in 2020, Joely Richardson is going to be coming back as Reddington’s old flame Cassandra Bianchi. She and James Spader’s character have quite the history, and we know that she’s as smart and capable as just about anyone you’re going to be seeing in this world.

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