Assam farm loan waiver scheme

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The Assam Government Approves Farm Loan Waiver worth Rs. 600 Crore. This Farm Loan Waiver Scheme is going to help more than 8 Lakh Farmers of the State.The BJP government in Assam has approved Rs 600 crore farm Rs 600 crore farm loan waiver which it said will benefit.As per the scheme, the government will write off 25 per cent loan of farmers up to a maximum of Rs. 25,000 of all farm debts.

The government has also sanctioned an interest relief scheme which will enable around 19 lakh farmers to take loans at zero interest from the next financial year.The debt relief scheme for farmers will waive 25 per cent of all loans taken till now. The benefit will be up to a maximum of Rs. 25,000. This scheme will immediately benefit around eight lakh farmers.

Assam farm loan waiver scheme

The waiver will be for all the loans taken through Kisan Credit Card (KCC) and from PSU banks. It is a subsidy scheme, not a debt waiver scheme. For the loans taken only between April 1, 2018 and Match 31, 2019, 25 per cent of the total amount with a cap of Rs 25,000 will be subsidised by the government.This will cover around four lakh farmers and involve a financial outgo of about Rs 500 crore,” he added. Under the Assam Farmers’ Credit Subsidy Scheme, 2018, as it is called,

The state government would return 25 per cent of the money to those who have already repaid their loan. Speaking about the other scheme – Assam Farmers’ Interest Relief Scheme, 2018 — Sarma said that the state government would extend special support to the “prompt paying farmers” by providing an interest subvention of four per cent on short-term crop loans up to Rs 2 lakh.

Assam farm loan waiver yojana

Assam Farmers’ Incentives Scheme, 2018 – Sarma said that Assam had a total of around 27 lakh farm households, of which only 19 lakh agricultural families were covered by Kisan Credit Cards (KCC), leaving a gap of about eight lakh KCCs in the state.

“In order to open up credit line to these people, the state government will pay a one-time incentive up to Rs 10,000 under this scheme to activate their KCC accounts, provided the farmers pay the outstanding amount,” he said. “This will cover around three lakh farmers with a burden of Rs 300 crore on the exchequer,” he added

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