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Apharan season 2 online|apharan season 2|apharan season 2 wikipedia:It has been four long years since the release of Apharan. The show was an instant success and was loved by fans from all around the nation. However, there hasn’t been much development about the release of the show’s next season since then. That finally changed a few days ago as it was announced that Apharan season 2 would be released soon.If there is no delay, the show will be released online on March 18, 2022. It is a well-known fact that the show’s target audience is Indian OTT fans. Keeping that in mind, you can expect it to be released online at 12:00 AM Indian Standard Time (IST).

Apharan Season 2 Review


If the quintessential notion of sabka-pyara policeman on silver screen had manoeuvred the alleys of digital space sooner, then ‘Apharan’ wouldn’t have been half as fun. But, it is. The debut season had grown on us slowly, ‘Apharan 2’, however, is attack-mode-on from shot one. We are ushered into the narrative with a very high Ranjana (Nidhi Singh) relishing some greens with her hippie-ish friends, only to be piggyback-ed away by her 6’5 tall husband, Rudra. Anyone who knows this giant cop knows his only living weakness is that cute little stoner thing. So, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) plays him on that. Under the pretext of helping his addict partner, the intelligence agency tricks the mammoth softie into taking on an undercover investigation: plan is simple, go to Serbia and bring international criminal Bikram Bahadur Shah (BBS) home. The show is 11-episode long and the storyline cannot be that plain. It is not. Beneath all those odes to retro songs as BGS and the direct references to the larger-than-life Bollywood version of the angry young man, ‘Apharan’ season two is a hilarious take on filmy supercops, ekdum desi style!

The series doesn’t really introduce a new angle to the aforementioned ideas—It has worked well thus far—but the comical aspect of the narrative, alongside crisp timing, makes the viewer stay on for more. Although it gets quite rocky in the middle, thanks to some scene stealers by both Singhs, we are back to being invested in no time. Singh’s Rudra was last seen a couple of years ago and so, it would have been natural for him to lose his grip over the various shades of his interesting central character. But, if you can overlook some of the initial hiccups, Arunoday Singh is pretty much on top of things. If he is the Frankenstein—a lingering note in the series—then Nidhi Singh is the Prof. that concocted him: the duo has an organic romantic vibe going on throughout. Nidhi, be it her YouTube videos or the films she does, is always a natural. Another character actor who stands out among a multitude of equally impressive actors, is Sanand Verma as Dubey Ji. “Agar aap humse milne nahi aayi, hum romantic Satyagraha karenge aapke gharke bahar,” he mock-threatens. Once in a while, there comes a smaller role that overshadows its lead pair purely on the basis of talent. And we are all for giving credit where it’s due.

Apharan 2 Web Series

TitleApharan 2
Main CastArunoday Singh
Nidhi Singh
Sanand Verma
Snehil Dixit Mehra
GenreAction, Drama, Thriller
DirectorSantosh Singh
ProducerEkta Kapoor
Story and ScreenplaySiddharth Sengupta
Umesh Padalkar
Anahata Menon
EditorNot Available
DoPNot Available
Production HouseBalaji Telefilms
Ding Entertainment

Apharan season 2 online

As it comes from the Kapoor household (produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor)—a dominant name in the soap opera universe—expect some melodrama and filmy antics. Not-so-surprisingly, they land. However, having said all that before, ‘Apharan’ Season 2 is ‘Singham’ and ‘Dabangg’ franchises rolled into one: watch for entertainment, not originality. Director Santosh Singh, and his band of writers, do add a few spins here and there but those can neither be deemed fresh nor unorthodox in any way.

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‘Apharan’ Season 2 is a homage within a homage—to Bollywood heroes, the masala-ness of it, to its nostalgic music, and the magic that makes Bollywood,oh-so-Bollywood! It may not have the spunk of a conventional comedy-thriller or cop saga (yet), it certainly has well-groomed humour. And, guess what, we are rolling (in laughter).

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