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newcastle apex|apex legends saviors|when does season 13 of apex come out|apex legends season 13 patch notes|apex new season 13 release date:The launch trailer for season 13 of Apex Legends, Saviors, just confirmed the game’s newest legend has a familial connection to the game’s existing roster.Newcastle is coming in the new season as the game’s newest legend, and the secret identity behind the tank-like shield-wielder is none other than Jackson Williams, Bangalore’s long-lost brother who was assumed dead.

Apex Legends season 13 comes with exciting warzone updates in this year. In GameSpot’s weekly Hot Drop column there is Jordan Ramee, takes a closer look at Respawn’s battle royale which also gives some additional insight into the game’s evolution by diving deeper into the episodic storyline and also characters.While there is a theory like who Octane’s father is along with the second for the last chapter of season 12’s quest that reveals that Eduardo Silva had also died along the years earlier and that has such an imposter also posing him. Now finale of The Perfect  Son has been shown to not be the case.

Apex Legends Season 13


In the trailer, the legends drop into one last match for Bangalore, only for Storm Point to be assaulted by a giant sea monster. The legends group up to fight and defeat the monster, with the stinger at the end of the video revealing Newcastle’s identity.The video teases changes to Storm Point, which was released at the end of 2021, marking the first update for the map since its launch. The website for season 13 mentions “the downed beast” as a potential new point of interest.

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EA and Respawn have unveiled the first details of the next Apex Legends season, entitled Saviors.The companies dropped a launch trailer for the new season, which should be arriving on May 10. Joining the ever-growing roster this time around is new hero Newcastle. The new Legend appears to be Bangalore’s brother, presumed dead during her search for him last Season.

To the contrary, he’s very much alive, and appears to be a defence based Legend. As usual, Respawn is drip-feeding information over the next few weeks so we’ll have to wait for the full breakdown. However, from the story trailer, we can presume he’ll probably have a small shield for close encounters, which can be deployed into a larger variant to defend the whole squad.

Elsewhere, the chapter page promises some changes to the Storm Front map centred around ‘The Downed Beast’. We’re gonna guess they mean the one taken down in the trailer. The season also promises a rework to Ranked mode entitled Ranked Reloaded. Again, there’ll be more info on this in the future, but we’re told it’ll reward teamwork and skill.

You’ve still got a couple of weeks left of the game’s previous Season, Defiance, to go. Expect more details on Apex Legends Season 13 Saviors then over the next couple of weeks, with a focus on Newcastle promised on April 28. Until then, check out the trailer for yourself below.

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Right on cue, with Apex Legends’ current season rapidly racing towards its conclusion, developer Respawn Entertainment has started cranking the hype handle for the free-to-play battle royale shooter’s imminent thirteenth instalment – confirming that Newcastle will play a major role when it launches on 10th May.

Newcastle, who’ll be Season 13’s latest playable hero (sorry to disappoint if you had other ideas), is described as the Hero of Harris Valley, but, more importantly in lore terms, has a direct connection to another Apex Legends character – with Respawn confirming Newcastle to be none other than Jackson Williams, the long-missing brother of Bangalore.

Newcastle’s arrival in Apex Legends isn’t too much of a surprise, of course; back in March, a huge Apex Legends leak seemingly revealed, accurately it now appears, the game’s next nine seasons’ worth of unannounced heroes – with Newcastle being the most likely candidate for Season 13 at the time, given his advanced stages of development.

Who is Blisk Apex?

Apex Legends Kuban Blisk is a mercenary pilot from South Africa who served in the IMC’s armies before founding the Apex Games after the Frontier War ended.

Is Apex coming to an end?

Apex Legends Season 11 is coming to an end on 8th February 2022 and the next season should kick off on the same day.

Will new Apex have characters?

Apex Legends revealed their newest character, Valkyrie who will be coming along with the newest season of Apex Legends. Like many of the Legends that have come into the game so far, Valkyrie has a pretty storied past.

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