After Lockdown in India, How to life can change

After Lockdown Situation


When the spread of Coronavirus, India did lockdown for one and a half months. They halted travel by air, metro rail, and interstate buses across India. Also, Hotels, restaurants, cinemas, malls, gyms, sports complexes, schools, colleges, besides social, political, cultural, religious, and other gathering places stoped.

But even when the lockdown is lifted, or relax the limitations, life will never be the same again. Major changes will become as the country will have new ways of shopping, traveling, checking into hotels, watching movies, or even dining out.

After lockdown, companies and consumers will change

Many industry experts believe that the lockdown will have a dramatic change in the attitudes, behaviors, and preferences of consumers and businesses. Their products and services need to be redesigned accordingly.

After lockdown consumer will change

All consumers will more concerned about their health. They expect greater hygiene from service providers.

They also demand more for essential goods and not for other things. Such as entertainment.

After lockdown company will change

Most companies engaged in providing services are expected to cut down their offerings in the initial months. Because they should follow social distancing norms and slash overhead costs in the face of a tough business environment.

Most industries are expecting their demand will reduce at least in October.

Hoteliers, airlines, retailers, and shopping mall managers said, they will make a safe place when they re-open.


industry insiders said, Customers are not going to remain the same as shopping malls. Therefore they are making new rules.

Manoj Group, Managing Director of Gorse Group, said this. The large-format stores like Big Bazaar could restructure and advise to follow social distance norms. Also, they can follow high standards of hygiene and only a limited number of consumers can enter one time.

Also, they can strictly prohibit customers who do not wear masks or are found with 99-100 temperature during thermal screening.

They can allow to enter only limited people every hour. To ensure safety of both customers and employees, cashiers required to wear face masks.

The Indian arm of the German retailers started to give appointments to customers over the phone or electronically for visiting the store. There is a prevent to crowding.


Movie viewers may also be disappointed as new films are extremely difficult to release. They will have to watch some pre-released movies.

The MAI, President said that, the cinema hall would not sell more than 50 percent of the seats to ensure the gap of one seat between two people.


Like most service providers, airlines also face higher expenses for implementing social distancing norms.

Industry startups will be in some demand as the service will be available to people trapped in various locations. But at least until people feel safe to fly, demand will fall.


Similarly, hotels expected the demand to pick up after at least six months of the lockdown. Also, they will not be offering space for conference, weddings and events.

The hotel industry expects to cut in manpower and other costs. On lower demand, they can’t provide all services at once.

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