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911 season 5 episode 12 cast|911 season 5 episode 12|911 season 5 episode 12 guest stars|911 boston cast|911 guest stars tonight|911 boston episode guest cast:I think the audience has a lot of questions,” says the star, who has been on maternity leave in real life. “And I feel good about the fact that all of them will be answered on Monday.It’s been almost six months since Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Maddie Buckley departed 9-1-1 in dramatic fashion, leaving her infant daughter at the 118 fire station and skipping town. But now the actress is back from maternity leave and ready to provide fans the closure they’ve been clamoring for half a year.

“The way Maddie left was very extreme — and the way that I was feeling when I left was very extreme because I was very pregnant. I think the audience has a lot of questions,” Hewitt tells EW. “And I feel good about the fact that all of them will be answered on Monday.”The star says tonight’s episode, “Boston,” will focus solely on Chimney’s (Kenneth Choi) search for Maddie, and what Maddie has been up to as she grapples with her postpartum.

911 season 5 episode 12 cast

“It felt weird to be gone so long. So, I was super excited to get to come back,” Hewitt says of reuniting with her costars. “Definitely weird coming back to work with a five-month-old — especially the work that I do on the show, which is some of the heavier stuff — but it was really exciting. I was excited to come back and tell Maddie’s story and answer a lot of questions for people.

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But it’s not just her 9-1-1 family Hewitt came back to. In the exclusive preview clip available above, the actress shares the screen A.J. Cook, her former Criminal Minds costar. Cook guests on “Boston” as Tara, who has been working on herself much like Maddie has. Maddie confides in Tara that she’s fearful Chimney will hate her because “I almost killed our daughter.

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Chimney is currently working in Boston. It’s St. Patrick’s Day, and that means he’s going to be called out to a lot of situations. That’s the nature of people getting drunk in the street, especially in a city with a lot of Irish people celebrating their big day.

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Meanwhile, Maddie is there trying to deal with her postpartum depression. Anyone who says anything negative about Maddie’s reaction right now needs to read up on postpartum depression. This is why postpartum depression needs to be talked about more.

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Can we get a happy ending for this little family? Please say it’s so.

Check out the promo and synopsis for 911 Season 5, Episode 12:

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