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9 hours web series cast|9 hours rating|nine hours web series|9 hours web series hotstar|9 hours web series episodes|9 hours web series story:9 Hours, the Telugu web series which released on Disney + Hotstar on June 2, has well-known director Krish Jagarlamudi as its showrunner and writer and is adapted from the novel ‘Tommidi Gantalu’ by Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy. The web series, set in 1985, begins with three prisoners breaking out from Central Jail and heading to the Deccan Imperial Bank to carry out a well-planned bank robbery. Yes, think of it as an 1980s desi ‘Money Heist’.

At the outset, this may seem like a straightforward plan but the twist is that the three prisoners need to be back in prison by the evening roll call. The bank is on its usual business day when the three men barge into the bank and take the employees and visitors hostage. The series is divided into nine episodes corresponding to the nine hours between the prisoners’ escape and time to return to their cells and as the story progresses we discover why they are compelled to commit this crime.

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The first episode starts with an introduction to each character and how they ended up in jail. It also gives you an insight into how each character will play out in the following episodes. We are introduced to our main characters on different floors but somehow manage to meet during the first episode when they attempt a bank robbery together.

Hotstar’s 9 Hours is a web series that has a simple but intriguing plot. The story revolves around three inmates who have escaped the jail right after their roll call to execute a robbery of three central banks. However, robbery is not the challenge here. The catch is that they have to be back in their cells by the time of the following roll call, 9 hours.

The acting was good, and everyone did their part well enough for me not to notice any lousy acting performances throughout the series. The production quality was excellent; I really enjoyed watching this series because it had a good plot line that kept me engaged throughout all nine episodes.

It is 1985. A roll call of prisoners at Hyderabad’s Central Jail is being taken. A well-mannered and seemingly pacifist prisoner delivers a Bhagawad Gita sermon to the prisoners. Somewhere in the city, a supercilious Telugu cinema hero insults a wannabe star’s lousy dancing skills. At a bank branch in the city’s bustling locality Koti, a lecher gives a widow the creeps. The walls of a video parlour in the vicinity are splattered with cinema posters but there is a dirty secret hiding behind one of the walls. A bank employee is on the cusp of starting a new life after his retirement, while a beautiful new female employee is brimming with hope and is later sought to be wooed by a youngster. There is also a cute couple who behave like they can’t live without each other for 143 minutes at a stretch. 

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9 hours web series story:

In the beginning, even though I was a little sceptical about watching this show, I was impressed by the story and acting. The production quality is excellent, and hats off to them for making such an incredible web series. The cast did a great job, and their acting was top notch. The storyline was also well written, with no loose ends or loopholes in between episodes, making it even more enjoyable. I would recommend this web series to everyone who loves crime thrillers.

Saree Ki Dukan Web Series

In each episode, one incident leads us into another one until we reach the end and see how everything unfolds. There are many subplots in each episode which keeps us wanting more. There is no doubt that this series will be a hit amongst people who enjoy watching web series as it has got everything that you expect from such shows, including acting, storyline, etc.

Wrong Turn Ullu Web Series

The writing is crisp and witty; it’s pretty gripping. The storyline keeps you hooked until the end (especially if you’re someone who enjoys thrillers). The plot is gripping and unpredictable but also very simple at times. There’s no complexity, but it doesn’t need any either because it works perfectly fine with its simplicity. You know what’s going on, but you don’t know what will happen next. The plot keeps you on your toes throughout the series and makes you think about everything that’s happening before you, which is why I loved it so much!

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