bhunaksha odisha|bhu naksha odisha 2019

bhunaksha odisha|bhu naksha odisha 2019

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Here is good news for people of Odisha as they can avail land patta within hours from the New Year.Now people in Orissa / Odisha can check land records easily without any trouble as the Government of India initiated a process to computerize the land records. Under this initiative, Government has issued an order to all states to create online systems to provide land owners their details with just few clicks.

Odisha government has a system named as ‘Bhulekh’ under which land owners can get all the land record of their land. The National Informatics Center (NIC) Odisha unit and the revenue department of Odisha have developed Bhulekh software which will provide all the land records online to the end-users.

land record search of odisha|bhulekh odisha

The Software/online portal is widely known with different names like Ori BhulekhOdisha BhulekhOrissa Online land recordsOdisha ROR and Odisha Land Records etc. The website created by the Odisha state government provides ROR data of about 310 tehsils from the state. The Odisha state has total 30 districts along with total 317 tehsils and 2064 RICs.

On the other hand the state of Odisha comprises about 51210 villages and all the records of these villages have been computerized by the Odisha state government and are made available on the Bhulekh portal of the state.To check the land record online, the land owner or the user have to select district name, sub division. Tehsil, village name.  It is also compulsory to enter Khatiyan number, plot number or name of the tenant 

Odisha Revenue Portal – Bhulekh / Bhunaksha / Land Record 

Odisha Revenue Portal is going to be developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC). This new land record portal will also possess an interface for all stakeholders which includes officials and the general public. The following services would remain available at this new single platform for land related services as it would integrate various online platforms whose list is given below:-

Services to Be Integrated on Revenue Portal
Bhulekh BhuNaksha
Land Records Management System Revenue Court Case Monitoring System
Dynamic Web Information System of Tehsils Manual of Tehsil Accounts
Revenue Dashboard Document Management System for Land Records

The main objective is going to transform the revenue administration into a modern and responsive system. This would be done through by adopting technology to effectively meet the needs and aspirations of the people. The primary focus would be on the strict audit trail, inter-operable systems and robust disaster recovery mechanism.

apna khata odisha|map|land record|bhulekh orissa land record

The official website for checking the land records is and hence you need to visit the website to start the process of verification.

bhulekh odisha

On the website, you can toggle between the ROR view and the Map view. This can be done easily by simply choosing ROR view or Map View from the top navigation menu.

If you choose the ROR view, then you can simply enter the District, Tehsil, Village and RI Circle from the section on the page and if you choose the Map view, then you can enter the District, Tehsil, Village, RI Circle & RI Circle on the page.

Once that is done, you have three options there to select “Khatiyan, Plot & Tenant ” choose once which you want to find. then click on the submit button and the details will be displayed to you.

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